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Download Problems (store)
Where is my downloadable trainer / mod / hack ?
Download does not work, i did not download trainer, but i have 0 downloads left
Download does not work / start or download is blocked
Login Problems (site, forum, store..etc)
I did not get verification email after registering
Why is my email not allowed ? / Which emails are allowed ?
Order / Payment related (problems, methods..etc)
Why is my order Pending or Denied ?
What payment methods are available ?
Pending Order Status
Updates and Requests (trainers, mods ..etc)
How can I get updated version of my trainer / hack ?
Game has been updated, but i can't find new version of trainer / mod ?! help !
I can't find what i am looking for (trainer, mod, hack ..etc)
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Trainer / Hack / Mod / Game Related (not working, how, where, crashes, bugs..etc)
How to customize hotkeys / buttons on any Trainer!
How to Use our Trainers (Video)
How to check game version & Trainer compatibility
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Compatibility (Platform / OS / Game version ..etc)
What platforms are supported ? does trainer work on PS3, 360, PC ?
What operating system (OS) is needed for trainer / mod / cheat to work ?
About trainers / mods / cheats / hacks (is it legal? is it dangerous? ..etc)
What is trainer ? is it legal to use trainer ?
Hack / Game Hack - isn't it illegal ??

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Refunds / I want refund ! / Why no refunds ? / Exception Article not rated yet
I want a refund ! answer is NO ! In process of registering account on our Store, you have accepted and agreed to our Terms and Conditions where it states that we have NO REFUND policy. When us...
Test Drive Unlimited 2 (TDU2 / TDU 2) - Ultimate Stats Editor "fly" bug Article rated 5.0/5.0
Issue:I've had many reports about a "fly bug" in my ultimate stats editor for tdu2. People say that when they use brakes, then car flies into the air.   Reason and Solution: This is not&nb...
Can I advertise here ? / Adverts / Advertising / what's allowed? Article not rated yet
Free adverts are not allowed, you will get permanently banned from Sethioz Industries for doing so. That includes posting a signature / avatar / location ..etc that contains any kind of adverts. If y...
I have formatted my HDD / re-installed OS / Installed new OS and trainer no longer works Article rated 1.0/5.0
Our trainers only work on the PC you first use them on. It will bind itself to OS (operating system) and cannot be used in any other computer, even if you format your PC and re-install same OS you had...
Anti-Virus detects trainer as malware / riskware - What should i do ? Article rated 4.5/5.0
We have had reports that some anti-virus programs detect our trainers as some sort of malware / riskware. We assure you, that our trainers are 100% clean. This happens because anti-virus companies are...

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