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Download does not work, i did not download trainer, but i have 0 downloads left


There have been some cases where people report that they have not downloaded the trainer / mod / hack / game they purchases, yet they have 0 downloads left.

This is not problem with our Store / Site, this usually happens when:

- on some reason you have used browser's "back / forward" buttons to go onto downloads page, your browser will automatically send the request for download again, but download will not start because you didn't actually request download, but as far as website is concerned, you did. This leaves you with 1 less download available.

- nothing is perfect, that includes our webhosting, sometimes our hosting's server is slow or lagging and when you click on download, it cuts off in the middle and you end up spending 1 download and getting nothing. If this happens, DO NOT try again instantly. wait 1-2 minutes and test if our site loads again. You can do that by just browsing around on our site and see how fast pages load. Once it works fine again, download again.


- IMPORTANT - download managers are not supported. if you are using download manager, then most likely download will not start, but it will use up the download. Use browswer's default downloader.


- make sure that your browser's privacy settings allow the download to start. for example if you are using firefox, opera..etc browser that allows usage of extensions / addons and you have things like "ghostery" or "stealther" ..etc enabled then these extensions can prevent the download from starting, but again download will be used even tho it won't start. so before downloading, make sure you do not have such privacy settings turned on.


NOTE - we do not add you more downloads if your order is older than 48 hours. You need to send us support ticket as soon as you get that issue. If by some reason we do not reply during 48h or our website is not loading (because of hosting server problems), then 48h rule will not apply.

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