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Why is my order Pending or Denied ?


Most common reason for this, is that our hosting server (our hosting company's server) is lagging / being slow and it causes the verification process between paypal <--> store to fail.

There is absolutely nothing we can do about this problem.

Here's how it works:

- you browse the Store, find a product you want, add to cart and then go to checkout
- now checkout page sends all this information to paypal
- you will be taken to paypal's payment page
- you enter your details on paypal's page
- money is sent from your paypal to our paypal
- now paypal sends back a confirmation to our Store, that money is there and order is complete
- website accepts the confirmation and changes status from pending to complete

However if server lags during this process, our Store won't get the confirmation notice from paypal and leaves status as Pending.

If you are experiencing this issue, send us a support ticket with your order ID. We will check from paypal if your payment was processes by paypal and if it's cleared, we will change status manually to complete.


Other reasons:

- you have used eCheck to send payment, your order will be pending until eCheck have cleared (usually 5 - 14 working days). DO NOT send us a support ticket if you used eCheck. there is nothing to check, your order will be available after eCheck clears. However once you get confirmation from paypal that eCheck have cleared and order is still not available (wait at least 1h), then send us a support ticket.

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