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What payment methods are available ?


We accept:
PayPal - you pay the amount that is shown on website
SMSCoin - you will be charged extra % based on your operator


SMS payments are available, but you will be charged a lot more money than when using paypal, this is because of the charges of SMSCoin and your phone operator. 


IMPORTANT - only GBP (great britain pounds) should be used when checking out or you might be charged even more. 

NOTE - SMS payments are available in several countries (russia, finland, hungary..etc), however not all countries allow more than 10EUR payments, if your country is not in the list, send us a support ticket and we will investigate. If your country has SMS limits, we can get around this by making you specific product costing 1eur, then you order this until it covers the total amount of the product you wanted. 


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