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Pending Order Status


NOTE - PayPal has changed some settings and currently we have to manually activate each download, so please allow at least 48 hours from point of purchase for your download to become active. You will be notified once your download is activated. Sorry about that, PayPal gave us wrong information prior to this change and we were not aware that major changes are required to fix this.


If you have purchased a product and your order status is "Pending", then it can be because one of the following reasons:

Problem / Cause #1
Currency conversion has messed up the final amount, for example on our Store the final price during checkout is 5.50, but on PayPal you end up paying either 5.51 or 5.49. This is rather rare bug, but we do encounter it every now and then. 

Contact our Support Desk by sending us a support ticket with your Order ID and explain that your order is still pending, we will activate it manually. There is no fix for this, because currencies are checked against live markets daily and sometimes this bug just happens.
If you want to prevent it, use our Store's default currency (GBP) and you should not have this problem. 



Problem / Cause #2
You have paid by using a bank account or credit / debit card via paypal and it takes time for funds to get from your bank to paypal, during that time your order will be Pending.

Wait until the payment has cleared, if order is still Pending after you get confirmation from paypal that order was successful, wait another 5 minutes and if still pending, refer to previous problem and contact our support. 




Problem / Cause #3
If your paypal is unverified and/or in bad standing (for example if you have made lot of disputes lately or tried exploiting an online store to get free products), then paypal may mark your transaction as scam and send back a notice to our server that the order should be checked manually before products can be accessed.

Contact our support by creating a support ticket and provide us your Order ID and paypal email (if different from the email used in store login) and we'll check into it. If paypal transaction has been completed successfully and funds are on our paypal, we will complete the order manually as soon as we read the ticket.

NOTE - It might take us up to 72h to respond to support tickets, so please be patient. Usually we reply within 24h, but sometimes it might take longer.

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