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How can I get updated version of my trainer / hack ?


We have changed our policy towards updates, with most trainers we now provide 30 days of free updates (you must request an update if there is one), after that you have to buy the trainer again to receive additional 30 days of updates.

* Note - this is in a case where we release same trainer for new version of game, if anything is changed in a trainer, we will not releae it as a trainer update, it will be released as brand new trainer and update policy is not valid for that trainer. In such case, you are free to ask for discount, but again it must be within 30 days. For example if we release "+3 trainer for TDU2" and you buy it and then with next update in game, we release "+5 trainer for TDU2", then we can offer you discount on that trainer if you purchased "+3 trainer" in past 30 days.

Updates are not automatic, to get your update, send us Support Ticket and make sure you include your Order ID and put word UPDATE into title / subject of the ticket.

Perfect title would be "Update for tdu2 ultimate stats editor" (where "tdu2 ultimate stats editor" is name of the trainer you want the update for)

IMPORTANT - you must provide your "Order ID" when sending us your update request. If order ID is missing, we can't check your previous order and can't give you the update or discount.

You can get your order ID from under Order History 



Why no free updates?

Think of our trainers like Graphics card for your computer, if you have nVidia GTX670 and now nVidia released GTX770, they will not give 770 for free to those who have purchased 670 in past, in fact they won't even give you discount. Do you think that it really costs that much for them to make a tiny GPU (graphics processing unit), because GPU is what they ask money for. You can find same size graphics card for about 50 times cheaper. It is not about how much it costs to make something, it is about how much people want their products. This is same with our trainers, we can't do free work and give out updates for free, because we spend time on updating the trainers (to go into details, PC upgrades cost, elecricity costs, time costs + our skills cost too).


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