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How & When we Update Trainers or make New



Updates will be forced upon old orders or added as separate trainer, so anyone having the old version of trainer, will then get access to new trainer or in case of separate trainer, you must send us a ticket with Order ID and request your order to be updated so that you can download latest version. If you believe you have not get the new version yet, send us a Support Ticket with your order ID and we will check it out.



We will update trainers whenever there is new release of the game and trainer stops working with released game patch / update. We don't always check for each game's updates, so sometimes it is necessary for someone to report back to us that trainers no longer work, if that happens, send us a Support Ticket and we will check into the updates.


New trainer, no update, Why? 

Sometimes we decide to release a new trainer instead of updating, so it is not free for customers who have bought previous version. Some say this is to scam more money out of people, we assure you it is not the reason. Reason is that some games allow you to play using different versions of game and do not force update on you.

So we make trainer for each version, rather than keeping trainer only for latest version. There are lot of people who can't afford games and download pirated version instead, we do support these people aswell. If someone have downloaded a game and wants trainer for that specific version, we will have it.
For long time, Test Drive Unlimited 2 allowed people to play online with any version of the game, so i decided to make trainers for each version separate.

We do offer discount for previous customers, if you have bought a trainer and it stops working, but instead of update we released a new version, then see THIS ARTICLE

Games like War Z and other games that are online only and never allow you to play online with previous versions, will always have updated versions of trainers, because old versions are simply useless, therefore we just update them.


Subscription based:

We offer free updates for 30 days of trainer purchase, then you must buy the trainer again in order to receive free updates for another 30 days. I think this is most easiest way.


Think of our trainers like Graphics card for your computer, if you have nVidia GTX670 and now nVidia released GTX770, they will not give 770 for free to those who have purchased 670 in past, in fact they won't even give you discount. Do you think that it really costs that much for them to make a tiny GPU (graphics processing unit), because GPU is what they ask money for. You can find same size graphics card for about 50 times cheaper. It is not about how much it costs to make something, it is about how much people want their products. This is same with our trainers, we can't do free work and give out updates for free, because we spend time on updating the trainers.



I hope this will answer your questions regarding updates and why we sometimes make new trainer and you have to buy it again.


Sethioz 2013 

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