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How to check game version & Trainer compatibility


Most trainers work only with specific version of game, there are universal trainers, but they're quite rare and usually take lot of time to activate.

So in order for trainer to work, you must have specified version of game. All of our trainers have this information in description. Telling you which version of game you need.

Q: How do I check which version of game I have?
A: Go to your game installation folder and locate the game.exe file. For example GTA 5 is "
GTA5.exe", The Crew is "thecrew.exe".
- Right click on game.exe > properties > details tab 
- For example current GTA 5 version is "file version - 1.0.335.2"

Usually "file version" and "product version" are same, but all of our trainers use file version as reference (unless stated otherwise in description).
So please make sure to read trainer description. in some rare occasions, game.exe does not have any version info, in that case, special instructions have been added in trainer description. So always read trainer description before purchasing. 


NOTE - If game is installed via steam, there is a way to roll back to previous game versions by using steam. To do so, please follow this article How to roll back to previous version of game on Steam

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