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Trainer doesn't work ! HELP !!


If you have issues using the trainer / mod / hack (product you purchased), then send us a ticket, but DO NOT just scream and panic "DOESNT WORK" because that won't help.

If you have problems, send us a ticket with detailed title, for example "tdu2 trainer does not launch" and in ticket, describe the issue. What exactly is going on. Do you see trainer come up and then disappear, does anything happen at all ? and any other information that might help us identify the problem. You can also include screenshots if there is something to make screenshot of.


But before you do contact us, make sure you have correct trainer version (information about game and trainer version can be found in trainer's description, it is where you bought it from, on Store, click on the trainer and read information about version). 


If trainer does run, but has no effect on the game and you are 100% sure that your game version is correct, then you can also try and run trainer as "administrator" (on windows vista and 7 mostly). 

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