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How to roll back to previous version of game on Steam


This article is a quick explanation on how to roll back to previous verison of game on Steam. This is sometimes needed if certain trainers don't work with latest game version, in such case, you can roll back to previous version and prevent Steam from auto-updating it.

This information is tested by one of our staff members and considered as 100% working. Follow the steps below to roll back the game version.



Open Steam

Go To Library

Right-click desired title and select properties

Select the UPDATE Tab

Change the Setting to only Update when you select it

Close Steam

Create shortcut to Steam.exe

Edit the shortcut and add "-console" to Steam's Target Shortcut

Go to folder of desired title

Delete Folder contents (make backup if needed)






Add +1 to APPID for Depot ID

For example 228380 > 228381

Go To:

Select Manifests

Make note of desired Manifest ID

Relaunch Steam & Select CONSOLE

Steam Console Command: download_depot 228380 228381 4871164708418497416

Close Steam


Go to:

X:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\content\app_APPID

Cut/Paste the contents of desired app_APPID


Ex: X:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Bugbear Entertainment


Relaunch Steam

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