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Game has been updated, but i can't find new version of trainer / mod ?! help !


If you find outdated trainer, before you send us a ticket, make sure that we do not have trainer for the latest game version. For example Test Drive Unlimited 2 has trainers for many version of game. If you are in wrong section, you only see old trainers, you must get out of that category and go into /root/ of Test Drive Unlimited 2 and see which trainers are latest 

If you still can't find the latest version of trainer, then send us a support ticket, but make sure you provide details. don't just say "blah wtf can't find".

tell us exactly what you did to find new trainer, provide the category link you was in ..etc

If you're sure that game had update and we have not released new trainers, drop us a support ticket with "updated game - game name here" (something similar) and we will check into this.

However usually we are aware of updates and release new trainers / mods within 48h from game update, but you can still send us a ticket if you think we are not aware of the update.

Reason for having trainers for older version of game, is beacuse lot of people use pirated game versions and we do support those outdated versions. It is everybody's own business if they want to play pirated game or simply outdated legit version, this is why we have trainers for older game versions. 

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