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I have formatted my HDD / re-installed OS / Installed new OS and trainer no longer works


Our trainers only work on the PC you first use them on. It will bind itself to OS (operating system) and cannot be used in any other computer, even if you format your PC and re-install same OS you had before, trainer will not work, because Software ID will not be same (there is small possibility it will work, but it is untested and most likely will not work).


Why ? but i have payed for it ..

Well stop re-installing your OS and/or formatting then, this is the way we release trainers to prevent copying and sharing, this is the same method that many other game cheat / hack companys do it.

In future we might change this method and make it IP based, so that if same trainer has been used from more than 1 country during 1 day, it will be banned, but that requires us to implant a system that constantly sends us feedback, meaning you would need constant internet access to use the trainer and it might also give virus alerts (cheathappens trainers give virus alert because they spy on customers).


There is not much we do about such issues, but feel free to send us a Support Ticket if you are in this situation. It highly depends how long ago you made the purchase, if it is less than month old, then more likely we will give you new trainer, if it is older than 1 month, then it is less likely that we give you new trainer.


Also a good thing to point out, is that recently TDU 1 (test drive unlimited) servers were closed permanently, even tho lot of people payed to play that game online, they decided to close down the servers, this is just the way things work in this world and we can't keep on giving support to jurassic things. 


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