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What is sys.dat / Unable to find sys.dat / Where do i get sys.dat ? ? ?


What is sys.dat

sys.dat is part of our copy protection system that limits trainer to be used only in one computer. It is needed to run most of our trainers (does not apply to most mods).
Is it dangerous to my computer? absolutely not, it is not detected by any anti-virus and it only interacts with our trainers. If you do get virus alert, send us a support ticket with screenshot of the alert and we will contact that anti-virus company with false-positive complaint. Lot of anti-virus programs give false positives nowdays, some of them even detect "cheat engine" as virus, that is to prevent people from using hacks / cheats. It will cause some panic amongst cheating players / modders and some of them are afraid to run such tools. 


Unable to find sys.dat

If you run the trainer and you get message cannot find sys.dat, then it means you have not placed sys.dat in same folder with trainer.
Trainer and sys.dat must be in same folder. You can place it on desktop, in game folder or in any folder you want, but sys.dat and trainer.exe must be in same folder. If they are in seperate folders, then you will get that error message.


Where do I get sys.dat

sys.dat is included with each downloadable content that requires sys.dat
after purchasing a product that requires sys.dat, you will get 1 sys.dat download in your Account > Downloads area, on Store.

NOTE - in past, we have made some mistakes and not included sys.dat in the product's download, so you will not be able to see it. If that is the case and you can't see sys.dat download in your Account's Downloads, then send support ticket with title "sys.dat missing from downloads" (or similar title / subject that makes sense) and make sure you provide your Order ID (without order id we can't do anything to check). Also keep in mind, if you have used up your sys.dat download and it is 0 left (not missing), we won't add you another one (unless it is new purchase and you had problem with first download).


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