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I want a refund !

answer is NO !

In process of registering account on our Store, you have accepted and agreed to our Terms and Conditions where it states that we have NO REFUND policy.

When using PayPal

If you used paypal to pay for our services (products / software), then please refer to paypal's buyer protection paragraph 13.4 (or 13 in general) where it states that digital goods / access to licences / downloadable software is non refundable, so there is no point opening a dispute and complaining, you will lose the case + get yourself permanently banned from our Store and all services. 

Why ?

Because after you purchase something from our store, you have gotten access to downloadable content that cannot be returned. You can say "i won't use it" but it's same thing as going to rob a bank with weapon and then say "i wasn't going to use the gun or money" 

Some people get bored of trainer after a while or buy it in rush and then don't want it anymore, then they want refund. NO!, think of it as taxi, you get a taxi and let driver drive you to your location and then you say "huh .. no, i didn't want to come here, i wan't to go back where i started from", you still have to pay for the ride and not just once, but twice. there and back. Taxi driver does not care that you didn't actually want to drive, he used up his fuel and time and wants to get paid. We do not care that you get bored or bought something in rush and then realize you don't want it anymore. Doesn't work that way.

If you have doubts / questions regarding specific product, we encourage you to send us support ticket. Please use proper titles, such as like in ticket title write "question regarding tdu2 trainer 233" because we do not automatically know what you are talking about, some people just send a ticket and ask something like "does this work????" and no link or details. In such case we simply ignore the ticket.



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