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The Crew Wildrun INSTANT FINISH not working


UPDATE: The Crew INSTANT FINISH latest trainer version is now SV4.3 and it works 100%. It's been tested by the people who were having problems before, but now it works for them. So make sure you are using SV4.3

There seem to be a rare bug, where people either can't get them to work or get stuck under a map or in water.

If you get teleported into water when using INSTANT FINISH, then try the following:
1. Run game in window mode with lower graphics
2. Press INSERT after the race has started
3. Wait 1-5 minutes until hack mode 1 & 2 are activated
4. Keep hack modes 1 & 2 activated
5. Now press+hold END key until you're at finish line.

Note - If by some reason you end up crashing your car or still in water, just do it again, keep hack mode 1 & 2 enabled!

Here's non official fix:

This video is made by a customer who had the same bug, but was able to still get it to work. So please do not complain that it doesn't work, because it DOES work. There might be odd bugs, but all you have to do is just restart the race or if still not working, restart entire game and trainer. As final resort, restart entire PC (but should not matter).

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