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Anti-Virus detects trainer as malware / riskware - What should i do ?


We have had reports that some anti-virus programs detect our trainers as some sort of malware / riskware. We assure you, that our trainers are 100% clean. This happens because anti-virus companies are working on a conspiracy to prevent cheating / hacking in games so they block everything that remotely even looks like a cheat / hack tool. Before downloading, we recommend setting your anti-virus to "alert me, do not take action automatically", so that anti-virus alerts you of the potential threat, but does not automatically block/delete it. It still blocks access to file if you try to launch, but this way you will not lose the trainer.
We also recommend using Kaspersky anti-virus instead of other idiotic anti-viruses that are involved in that conspiracy to try to prevent usage of cheat / hack tools.


This is quite normal nowdays, anti-virus companies constantly add false positives on purpose to prevent people like you from cheating in games, they probably get payed by game companies to do so. This is also why windows 7 and above have the "driver enforcement" enabled so that people can't install tools / programs that use their own drivers. All this is about money, microsoft asks lot of money for driver registration, so anyone who writes their own driver for windows 7 have to pay tons of money to microsoft to get their driver digitally signed. I assume same goes for anti-virus companies, we could probably contact them and pay tons of money to get it removed, but this is nonsense. i think that if anti-virus company is such a con and scammer then you should not be using their products. Simply get kaspersky, so far kaspersky have not had any issues with our trainers and in past I (Sethioz) have contacted them about many false positives and they have quite ok reputation on removing them. In past the listed several Luigi's tools as malware (, i sent those tools directly to kaspersky and asked them to recheck, they did the check and removed most of them from their detection list.

Best security system for windows is ZoneAlarm extreme security suite, it is not free, but it is best there is. Our team have been using it for years without any issues. There was one incident with newest zonealarm (it might have been wrong settings), so i (Sethioz) am still using version 9 of zonealarm, because new version is more complex, but other than that, it is anti-virus (using kaspersky database) + firewall + program control (prevents internet access and adds control level) + browser security + tons of other things, all in one and does not take more computer resources than any other anti-virus (which does not include all other functions)

Our trainers are 100% malware / riskware free and does not include any sort of spyware or spamware. Our trainers do exactly what it says in description and no more, no hidden features.


- You are free to send our trainer to anti-virus company for examination.

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