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Test Drive Unlimited 2 (TDU2 / TDU 2) - Ultimate Stats Editor "fly" bug


I've had many reports about a "fly bug" in my ultimate stats editor for tdu2. People say that when they use brakes, then car flies into the air.


Reason and Solution:
This is not a bug at all, it is called a hotkey. All of these people use keyboard to play racing games (its a bad idea already) and they use "down arrow" on keyboard to brake. Down Arrow key however, is the hotkey for vehicle "turbo boost" function (jump).

Solution is to change your brake key to something else or stop using keyboard, get a proper gamepad or racing wheel + pedals.

I was thinking about using "space bar" as turbo boost, but it will impact with in-game chat, everytime you use chat and use space, your vehicle would jump. 


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