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F1 2014 Weight trainer black screen glitch / bug


I have had 2 reports of some odd "black screen" bug, where screen turns black when hack is enabled. I experienced it twice myself, but I can't replicate this glitch, so i can't fix it.
I have no idea why or how this is happening. I think it is some certain track/s mixed with specific view mode (such as 1st person view).

As said, I have no idea how or why this is happening. F1 2014 Weight trainer is very popular and i have only had 2 reports of this happening so it must be very rare.
One of them said it happened in multiplayer and even showed me a video, so I know for sure it was in multiplayer, however I have never had this in multiplayer. I had it happen twice in time trial, but after restarting the session and changing the view, it went back to normal.

I can't say if fix is coming or not, because I don't know what causes this bug. In future I might release new version of the trainer and it may fix the issue, but it is not sure. Sorry about that, but most of the time trainer works fine :) 

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