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What platforms are supported ? does trainer work on PS3, 360, PC ?



As for now, we only release trainers / cheats for PC version of games.

This is because it is a lot harder to hack console game than PC game. We do know how to hack console games, but it is very unpractical and in most cases console hacks are detected very easily and your whole console will be banned from online, so you won't have any online features. In some cases i have heard that they "brick" your console, meaning that it becomes useless and you can't even boot it up anymore (there is a bypass to it, but you must be expert and know what you are doing, you must flash your firmware ..etc).
Most (if not all) console cheats are made in savegame anyway and this requires a lot of custom written tools and lot of time (decryptors and encoders ..etc)

Also none of our staff has 360, because in our eyes 360 is useless.

For now we only provide PC game trainers and cheats. Also trainer cannot run on console.


Maybe in future we will start providing console cheats, so you should drop by once in a while to check if we have any console cheats.


 If you are console cheat provider or know how to make console cheats (in detail) and would like to be part of the team, send a support ticket and we can talk about it. We could use someone who knows how to make console cheats (ps3, wii or 360) and who is willing to spend time on this.





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