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Can I advertise here ? / Adverts / Advertising / what's allowed?


Free adverts are not allowed, you will get permanently banned from Sethioz Industries for doing so. That includes posting a signature / avatar / location ..etc that contains any kind of adverts.

If you want to advertise something on Sethioz Industries or want your site link to be under "External Links" or anywhere else, where it's visible, then send us a support ticket and we will give you a price for the advert/link you want on our site.

We frequently go thru the users manually (yes manually) and ban every single user who has some links on profile and has 0 posts + we use their emails and add them into personal "spam list" that sends random spam to their emails.
We take these things very seriously and take counter measures when we discover you are using our site to post your spam / adverts. 


 What's allowed?

- in your profile, you are allowed to put your website link or your other profile links (like facebook, youtube..etc), however if you register account just to do that, you will be BANNED permanently.

This means, that if you are active member of forum or have made at least some posts (that are related and not obvious "spam"), then you're allowed to have your own links on your profile.
However if you create account, put your links into profile and then leave, your account will be deleted / banned after some months. Also if you have 0 posts and links in profile, your account will be deleted / banned.
Hope this makes sense. 

- You can refer to other websites / posts / profile if it fits in the topic.
If there is a discussion on forum talking about tdu2 hacking and you find another website that also has some tdu2 hacks, you are allowed to link the other site/topic, but again be reasonable, do not like post "THESE ARE REAL HACKS - link_here". You need to explain your decision, why you posted that link and how it's even related to the topic ..etc. In other words, do not post the link if you only have one thing in your mind "to advertise that other site/topic".


Once you get banned for posting your spam / adverts, you will not be unbanned and your details will not be removed from public.
However if you feel like you shouldn't have been banned, send us a ticket and we'll investigate.

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