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Why is my email not allowed ? / Which emails are allowed ?


Why is my email not allowed

- I have blocked / disallowed some of the email providers, such as for security reasons. Namely I had too many spammers using and I simply had enough of them so i decided to block whole email provider. There are some others too that are blocked, however most common ones (yahoo, gmail, hotmail, live, msn ..etc) are all allowed.

- I have hotmail (or some other common email) but im still not allowed to use my email. uhh .. send us a support ticket and we will check, make sure to include the error message you receive. If it says you are banned, then there is nothing to discuss. However if you believe that you did not deserve that ban, send a ticket and we will investigate.


Which emails are allowed

- 99% of email providers are allowed (such as hotmail, live, msn, yahoo, gmail ..etc), but some of the email providers are blocked, such as, ..etc. I received too much spam from such addresses, so I was forced to block them completely.

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