U31W Navigator-W RC Quadcopter Drone REVIEW

Let’s take a look a this new RC Quadcopter. I highly recommend you to watch the Video Review, but if you don’t have time to watch the video, then we sum it up as quickly as possible.


Video Review

Buy it here:
Amazon – https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B071DXFP48
Vipon – https://www.vipon.com/product/3811144

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Here are some of the key features that make it easy for you to know more about the drone:

  1. Drone has auto-hover (it means it holds altitude on it’s own)
  2. It comes with a stand alone controller
  3. Drone has a built-in 720p camera (no sound recording)
  4. Camera also includes a 4gb micro SD card and a USB adapter (so that you can copy the files off of SD card to your PC)
  5. Drone is considered as “small size” and suitable for indoors
  6. Can be controlled via mobile app
  7. Camera includes a live feed with only about 300ms latency



  1. Easy to control when using the stand alone controller
  2. Low latency in the live feed (makes it possible to fly it via view of the app)
  3. Can be controlled via app or by using controller
  4. Suitable for beginners
  5. Quite durable propellers and design



  1. You’re not able to start video recording via controller (must use app)
  2. It uses special battery that cannot be replaced with any of the universal drone batteries
  3. Does not do well outdoors (due the light weight, even mild wind can be a challenge)
  4. Propeller / Blade guards are horrible, if you pump into things, they bend too easily and hit the propeller, doing more damage than good. They only protect other things from the propellers. So if you fly it into your face, then blades wouldn’t hit you directly, but it does not protect the blades
  5. Nearly impossible to control via app (I’ve flown lot of drones, including the almost identical parrot drone, but this drone is horrible, the app is very un-responsive) So I highly recommend using controller as app controls are useless.
  6. No way to turn off wi-fi (wi-fi drains the battery a lot, giving you a lot less flight time)


So to sum it up, I think this drone is not as great as many others. Price is quite high, yet it has quite few serious faults that ruin the experience. I mean drone is good, but is it worth the money? I mean you can’t even record a video when using controller, so you MUST have a smart phone / tablet with the app installed and connected to drone, but during that … it also transmits live feed, draining the battery very fast. Also the app controls are useless, drone is nearly impossible to control via app (as seen on video).

Propeller guards are horrible too, they just rub against propellers as soon as you touch anything with them.

Drone would be fine when you plan on flying it by using controller only, but you’d be paying for the camera and other features too, which are nearly useless. Hope you get the point. If they’d lower the price by a good 50%, then it would be totally worth it, but for this price? no … i can’t recommend it. There are lot of other drones that are cheaper and better. However I do admit that I love the near real-time camera feed, other drones have a good 1-2 second delay, while this has 200-300ms only, which makes it possible to fly it by only looking on the app screen. However they need to get these Cons right, then it would be worth it.


Review of Energy Saver LED Light Bulb (suitable for entire room)

Here’s review of an awesome LED Light Bulb, 12 watts and 220 – 240 volts. This light bulb comes with EU or UK fitting. It’s enough to light up entire room (mid to medium size rooms).

Here are 3 things that make this light bulb really useful and awesome:

  1. It barely gets warm (max temp it reaches to, is cool enough for you to put your hand on it without getting burnt)
  2. It’s bright enough to light up entire room
  3. It’s LED, meaning it will last longer than any other fluoresence or non-LED bulbs


Check out the detailed Video Review

DBPower Ultra HD Action Camera Review and Testing!

Let’s take a look at DBPower’s new 4k action camera. Can this, not so budget, action camera beat the top brands?


Video Review

First I highly recommend you to check the video review, as it shows you all the cool features and the quality of the camera.

But if you’re too lazy to watch the video or just want quick overview, then below you find some of the most important information about this camera.


Well let’s start by saying that they advertise it as 4k action camera, which is not true. I don’t know where they get this 4k from, even on the camera box itself it says that max recording dimensions are 2880×2160, that’s not 4k.

4k = 4000, it’s short for 4000 pixels longways. It means that display must have 4000 pixels from left to right, that’s where 4k resolution comes from, however 2880 is not 4k, not even close, it’s 3k if anything. Even tho 2880×2160 is not 16:9 aspect ratio, it is stretched to fit, so there’s no distortion and it can be viewed perfectly fine on any 16:9 monitor without any issues.

Even tho it’s not a true 4k camera, the quality is really good. It can surely beat most of the cheap range cameras by far. Image quality is sharp and clear, also it can handle dark areas quite well. It will have some pixelation in darker areas, but it illuminates dark areas quite well. Most cameras won’t be able to do that.
If you’re not sure about video quality, watch my review video on youtube in full HD on a good monitor and be the judge of quality (note that youtube downgrades the footage a bit too).

Picture quality is good too, but could be bit better to be honest.

However what really surprised me, is microphone quality, it’s really good! I have tested lot of action cameras, including GoPro and I think this camera has the best audio so far. It sounds almost like it’s a proper mic, such as gaming headset mic or a even a decent desktop mic.



This camera is full of features, it has touch screen, which is quite rare for a action camera. Naturally it comes with 100% waterproof case, so you can completely submerge the camera for as long as you want, it’s rated for 30 meter depth, but i’m sure it can go further.

Another great feature that stands out, is that you can use this camera as webcam for your PC. It’s very easy to set it up, just plug the USB into camera and other end into PC, then turn the camera on and select the camera option (there’s only 2 options, camera and mass storage). Then it will be detected as plug and play camera (it can be used for skype calls and any other program that detects camera).

Camera uses standard mounts. It also has a standard tripod mount underneath, so you can put the camera straight onto tripod (other action cameras i’ve seen, don’t have tripod screw thing on camera itself, they have it only on case). By standard mounts, I mean that they are compatible with GoPro and other camera mounts.

There’s also option to change the viewing angle in between 70 – 170 degrees, so you can change it to wide angle or normal. I gotta warn you tho, this option is bugged. It doesn’t change the viewing angle after you hit ok, you must power the camera off and on again. Manual says nothing about this, but I tested and that’s only way to change it.

There are lot of other cool functions too, such as time lapse, loop recording ..etc ..etc

There’s also another bug that annoys me a lot, it randomly keeps turning the beep sound on (the beep that it makes when you press a button / touch something on screen). I specifically turned it off as i hate all sorts of beeping when going through settings and pushing buttons, but it keeps coming back on!!!


Worth It?

So is this camera worth buying? Well it depends, it costs bit more than other budget / cheap range action cameras, but then again it does have bit higher quality. It all comes down to what you need it for, because more than 90% of people still watch videos in 1080p or even less, so there’s really no point in making higher quality videos, keeping that in mind, you could go with a cheaper 1080p camera, but if you want better quality than 1080p, then this camera can get the job done for sure.

Also it’s multi-purpose camera, you can use it as action camera, PC webcam, camera to record other stuff, such as reviews or recording your pets..etc (as it has good mic), use it as dash cam in car (not designed for it, but it can do the job) or you can use it to do time-lapse videos.

All in All, this is a great camera with lot of features and good quality and very good mic quality!


Where to Buy?

Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B071K5Y59M
Vipon: https://www.vipon.com/product/4211660

Street Cat Bright LED Head / Bike Lamp

We have quite interesting head lamp / bike lamp to take a look at, it has few options White and Red light  constantly or flashing in overall the lamp with 160lm lights your way up to 150m/492ft and its lifespan is around 30,000 hours , its nice option for outside working in wet environment due to being waterproof and is not spoiled by high price tag.

In overall Its well made and comfortable to use be it work hobby or just casual needs.
Click here to Buy it on amazon

DBPower – Portable Car Jump Starter / USB Powerbank / DC Charger 3 in 1

Car Jump Starter kit from DBPower

It Features Fancy things such as Flashlight, and can be used as a power bank for usb devices such as phone for example or even used as DC laptop charger.

It’s possible to charge up in car & from wall socket at home what makes it quite handy.

Battery size is 12000mAh  enough power to jump start a 3.0L Petrol or 2.5 diesel engine.

The form is very compact so it can be stored in glove box in your car.

A nice LCD screen is quite nice add-on and for some strange reason it also contains a built in compass on bright side at least you won’t get lost.

The high quality and spray gold clamps has over current protection /short circuit protection/ overload protection / over-voltage protection / over-charge protection.


So lets sum it up

  • The Weight of product is around 1kg + – 200g  that’s actually fairly light
  • Compact size very handy to hide literally anywhere at home or in your car
  • Potential as USB device Power bank as car starter
  • Good Quality

Buy it on amazon!

DBPower Digital Air Compressor


Basic portable air compressor

It works on car tyres, bike tyres, basketballs and other things that use same method to fill them up.

It uses Car’s Adapter for power.

It’s fairly reasonable in size and should be powerful enough to get the thing done fairly fast.

Price being in range of 26£ is fairly reasonable


They say  it enables to inflates a standard mid-sized car tire from 0~35PSI in only 4.8 minutes but since we could not test it we have to take their word for it, the  max PSI it can reach is 150.

Lets sum it up in overall

  • Fast & Compact
  • Auto Off function ( automatically switch off once the pre-set pressure is reached)
  • Fancy LCD display & User Friendly
  • Long Cord ( 3.0m)
  • Additional Adapters ( usable for bikes etc)
  • Not very expensive

Buy it on Amazon

Orico Transparent HDD USB Docking Station

Orico Transparent HDD USB Docking Station

USB HDD docking  For 2.5”/3.5” SATA  Only.

The transparent look is quite cool and simple with the blue led light.

It’s powered by DC adapter and connects via USB

First look of it is quite fancy  light effect  with the transparent style some may hate it some may love it

in the end  user will have to decide what to think of the look if anything.

ROCCAT NYTH – Modular MMO Gaming Mouse


Roccat Nyth is a highly adjustable mouse with ability to replace macro keys as you see fit even make your own 3D printed parts what i personally consider very fancy perk,

It offers quite a package of macro keys and profiles with very promising software to adjust it all to your personal preference along with slight light effects.

Quite some people said that the “Swarm” program is rather buggy tho i have not experienced any issues at all in fact it is probably the best macro software on mouse i have yet tried.

It Offers 18 buttons + 39 functions with Easy-shift tech & Swappable side grips (Yes! you can actually swap the side grip!)

The Good things

  • Modular ( Buttons / Side )
  • Great Software + (A lot of settings)
  • Fairly Light
  • Suitable for FPS & MMO

The Not so good things

  • Slightly Fragile
  • Price is bit Salty around 120$ + –

If you don’t mind paying Premium price this would certainly be a very good option for MMO mouse.

Tech Spec

  1. Twin-Tech Laser Sensor R1 with up to 12000dpi
  2. 1000Hz polling rate
  3. 1ms response time
  4. 50G acceleration
  5. 3.8m/s (150ips) single axis / 5.4m/s (212ips) both axis
  6. 16-bit data channel
  7. Adjustable lift-off distance
  8. Adjustable click accuracy to mitigate against minuscule movements
  9. Tracking & Distance Control Unit
  10. 72MHz Turbo Core V2 32-bit Arm based MCU
  11. 576kB onboard memory
  12. Zero angle snapping/prediction
  13. 1.8m braided USB cable

Redimp GM200 – Fully Programmable 4000dpi Optical Gaming Mouse

So let’s take a look at Redimp GM200 Opt gaming mouse

So first thing you should know if you are Mac user then this mouse is bit waste if you want to program the buttons.

It has few profiles and different lighting per profile what is quite nice tho usually is present in most mouses that have macro buttons.

On a strange thing  the Macro software did not come with mouse and you will have to download it manually so you can program the keys to your liking.

Honestly there’s not much to say about it due to fact we’re talking about fairly low budged mouse but If you want few “macros” for a cheap it may be a viable solution 🙂

Grab it here on amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B072Z7BCGB