Nooie wireless doorbell camera w/ remote control via app – REVIEW + How to SETUP + TESTING

Nooie doorbell camera is designed for feature-rich ease of access. It has 2k resolution camera with built-in motion sensor, nightvision and 2-way audio, which you can control via app. Below you find list of features, which is best way to describe what this doorbell camera offers. Setup and installation is straight forward, just plug the battery in, plug the base station into the wall socket, download “Nooie” app from app store and follow the on-screen instructions.

List of features:

Camera resolution: 2k = 2048×1536 max
Supports micro SD card (up to 128gb)
IR Nightvision (IR = infrared, it uses IR LEDs to light up the area)
Built-in Microphone and Speaker (2-way audio).
Motion detector with adjustable range
Alarm system based on motion sensor
Anti-theft alarm
Remote live feed (you can view the camera via app).
Save images and videos to your mobile device via Nooie app
Doorbell button rings your app (phone / tablet)

+ easy to setup
+ nightvision
+ 2-way audio (mic + speaker) can have remote conversation between app <> doorbell
+ remote live feed / remote viewing via internet
+ app supports cloud backup
+ 2k quality
+ motion sensor / detection
+ anti-theft alarm / siren
+ 9700mAh high-capactiy battery (3-5x more than phones)
+ ability to save photos and videos onto your mobile device via app
+ base station supports wireless + wired connection
+ IP66 waterproof (This means it has full protection against dust and should withstand heavy rain from any angle). I doubt it can withstand heavy rain from any angle tho, doesn’t look like it has proper rubber seals for that, I would strongly advise you to install it in location where it’s protected from direct rain.

– no SD card included
– poor range (1-3ft based on location)
– poor audio quality (probably just app issues)

Video Review

YI 1080p HD Dash Camera REVIEW

Let’s take a look at this new YI 1080 HD dashcam, it’s supposedly quite new model. It’s very easy to use, just insert micro SD card and connect it to USB power source and it will turn on. Unfortunetely it forces you to format the SD card, so make sure you have nothing important on the SD card (SD card not included), it’s really lame how it forces you to format the card tho, no idea why … it’s so not needed.

Anyway after the format, the camera is “care free”, you just connect it via USB to the cigarette lighter plug in your car and it will auto start once you turn the ignition on, it starts recording and after you turn ignition off, it will turn itself off (saving the last clip ofcourse).

It also has useful features such as G-Force sensor, this means if there’s impact, it will mark the clip as “important” and it won’t get deleted or overwritten when SD card is full, that’s useful in case of a crash and if you forget to download the clip to your PC.

It’s a really good quality camera for the price, check the video review for more details:


Video Review 

Buy here –

REVIEW of mini 1080p spy camera with Motion Sensor + Night Vision

This is quite interesting camera, it’s battery powered and very small, it’s about same size as some dash / action cams, but it functions bit differently. It’s designed as “spy” camera, so you can leave it on motion detection mode and then place it somewhere hidden, then let it do it’s job, then collect it afterwards to see what you caught on it.

It doesn’t support remote control or view, but it’s still a cool little thing. It’s 1080p, even tho video quality could be better, it’s still clear enough. It’s not designed to make movies, it’s designed to show what happens when nobody is there to watch.

ConBroV T33 also supports infrared night vision, it uses 3 powerful infrared LEDs to light up the area and then switches to infrared mode (infrared cannot be seen by human eye). infrared range is about 10 meters. For quality, how to use and other details, check out the video below.


Video Review

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20% off code: conbrov20off

REVIEW of Fitfort budget 4k Action Camera. WORTH IT?!

This time I’m taking a look at this budget range 4k action camera. Right off the bat, I was quite impressed with it already. Unlike all the other action cameras I’ve reviewed, this one comes in a travel case! Everything is already fit inside, no additional packages included.

So the case includes a camera itself with waterproof case, 1 extra battery, remote controller (for taking pics and videos) and all the usual universal mounts and clips.
I strongly recommend watching the Video Review as it includes far more details than you can put in words. Video also includes quality test, microphone test and ofcourse underwater test, proving that it’s 100% waterproof!

Also the camera supports mobile app, which can be used to record a video, take photos and also allows you to download videos off the SD card (on camera). On video review, it’s shown how to setup the app and use it.

Buy on Amazon ►


  • Comes with travel case
  • Includes 1 extra battery
  • Comes with remote controller
  • LCD display on back
  • Supports mobile app
  • Records in native 4k (3840 x 2160 @ 25 fps)
  • Good Microphone quality for a camera
  • Can be used as dash cam (loop recording)
  • Cheap for a 4k Camera



  • Does not include SD card
  • When using app, you can’t record higher than 1080p
  • Only 25fps when recording in 4k

Worth It?

As you can see, the Cons list is really small and they’re not really cons that would drag the rating down. Just had to mention them. Considering that this camera is in the cheapest 4k range and it includes a travel case and extra battery, I’d say it’s totally worth it! Quality is nothing special, even in 4k it’s not as good as my 6 year old Sony handycam, however quality is still good, better than any other action camera I’ve reviewed so far. If you’re curious, the bitrate is about 70000 on raw files, which is very high compared to normal videos. iPhone X has about 100000 bitrate in 4k 60fps, but only reason it has higher bitrate, is because of the 60fps. Compared to iPhone X video quality, i’d say this camera is slightly better, however it can only do 25fps. It could be 30fps.

Anyway for this price, this camera is totally worth buying! You get more than you pay for.

Eivotor 4k (3840×2160) waterproof sports action camera REVIEW & TESTING

Action cameras are really popular nowdays and they getting more powerful by the day! This Eivotor camera is capable of recording in native 4k in 30fps!

I highly recommend you to watch my Video Review of this product first, as it includes all the details, including the underwater test! But if you don’t have time or mood for the video, then check below for a quick list of features and stuff.


Video Review

Buy on Amazon:


  • Can record in native 4k (3840×2160)
  • Comes with 100% waterproof case (up to 30m or so)
  • Has a nice LCD screen on back (can also view recorded clips)
  • Can be used as PC webcam (no driver needed, works with skype, FB ..etc)
  • Comes with 2 batteries
  • Comes with all the standard action camera attachments (belts, clips ..etc)
  • Cheap for a 4k camera (cheaper than most 1080p cams)


  • Even tho camera has WiFi and app for phones, it doesn’t work! (on iPhone app crashes instantly and on Android it just hangs)
  • Image quality is not exactly worthy of 4k.  Even tho it does about 38000kbp/s, but it’s not as clear as my 1080p Sony handycam which only does 26000kbp/s. Just remember, resolution is not the most important thing when it comes to video quality, neither is the bitrate.



As you can see, the Cons list is very small. Personally I never use the Wireless thing on cameras anyway, so it’s not that important to me, but can come in handy if you place the camera somewhere and would like to see what camera sees .. it can be annoying setting up a camera without knowing what it sees!

This camera is super cheap tho, it’s cheaper than most 1080p cameras, yet it delivers better quality than most 1080p cameras, but as said, quality could be better and i’ve seen better 1080p cameras, like my 5-6 year old Sony handycam which has crystal clear quality (it costs 6-8 times more tho).

I still find this to be really good action camera, it has a decent microphone too, however it’s rather useless when it’s in the waterproof case as it blocks most sound. I don’t think any action camera can do that, but I’d fix this by adding a feature so that the camera can use your smart phone’s microphone to record audio! It would be quite cool.

Anyway considering the super cheap price of this camera and decent 4k quality, I think it’s a good choice!

DBPower Ultra HD Action Camera Review and Testing!

Let’s take a look at DBPower’s new 4k action camera. Can this, not so budget, action camera beat the top brands?


Video Review

First I highly recommend you to check the video review, as it shows you all the cool features and the quality of the camera.

But if you’re too lazy to watch the video or just want quick overview, then below you find some of the most important information about this camera.


Well let’s start by saying that they advertise it as 4k action camera, which is not true. I don’t know where they get this 4k from, even on the camera box itself it says that max recording dimensions are 2880×2160, that’s not 4k.

4k = 4000, it’s short for 4000 pixels longways. It means that display must have 4000 pixels from left to right, that’s where 4k resolution comes from, however 2880 is not 4k, not even close, it’s 3k if anything. Even tho 2880×2160 is not 16:9 aspect ratio, it is stretched to fit, so there’s no distortion and it can be viewed perfectly fine on any 16:9 monitor without any issues.

Even tho it’s not a true 4k camera, the quality is really good. It can surely beat most of the cheap range cameras by far. Image quality is sharp and clear, also it can handle dark areas quite well. It will have some pixelation in darker areas, but it illuminates dark areas quite well. Most cameras won’t be able to do that.
If you’re not sure about video quality, watch my review video on youtube in full HD on a good monitor and be the judge of quality (note that youtube downgrades the footage a bit too).

Picture quality is good too, but could be bit better to be honest.

However what really surprised me, is microphone quality, it’s really good! I have tested lot of action cameras, including GoPro and I think this camera has the best audio so far. It sounds almost like it’s a proper mic, such as gaming headset mic or a even a decent desktop mic.



This camera is full of features, it has touch screen, which is quite rare for a action camera. Naturally it comes with 100% waterproof case, so you can completely submerge the camera for as long as you want, it’s rated for 30 meter depth, but i’m sure it can go further.

Another great feature that stands out, is that you can use this camera as webcam for your PC. It’s very easy to set it up, just plug the USB into camera and other end into PC, then turn the camera on and select the camera option (there’s only 2 options, camera and mass storage). Then it will be detected as plug and play camera (it can be used for skype calls and any other program that detects camera).

Camera uses standard mounts. It also has a standard tripod mount underneath, so you can put the camera straight onto tripod (other action cameras i’ve seen, don’t have tripod screw thing on camera itself, they have it only on case). By standard mounts, I mean that they are compatible with GoPro and other camera mounts.

There’s also option to change the viewing angle in between 70 – 170 degrees, so you can change it to wide angle or normal. I gotta warn you tho, this option is bugged. It doesn’t change the viewing angle after you hit ok, you must power the camera off and on again. Manual says nothing about this, but I tested and that’s only way to change it.

There are lot of other cool functions too, such as time lapse, loop recording ..etc ..etc

There’s also another bug that annoys me a lot, it randomly keeps turning the beep sound on (the beep that it makes when you press a button / touch something on screen). I specifically turned it off as i hate all sorts of beeping when going through settings and pushing buttons, but it keeps coming back on!!!


Worth It?

So is this camera worth buying? Well it depends, it costs bit more than other budget / cheap range action cameras, but then again it does have bit higher quality. It all comes down to what you need it for, because more than 90% of people still watch videos in 1080p or even less, so there’s really no point in making higher quality videos, keeping that in mind, you could go with a cheaper 1080p camera, but if you want better quality than 1080p, then this camera can get the job done for sure.

Also it’s multi-purpose camera, you can use it as action camera, PC webcam, camera to record other stuff, such as reviews or recording your pets..etc (as it has good mic), use it as dash cam in car (not designed for it, but it can do the job) or you can use it to do time-lapse videos.

All in All, this is a great camera with lot of features and good quality and very good mic quality!


Where to Buy?


Aukey Action Camera Reviews (4k vs 1080p)

This time we take a look at Aukey’s action cameras, one is 1080p and other is 2160p (4k). Both are GoPro like designs that come with waterproof cases, but which one is better?

1080p Action Camera Review

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So this Action Camera can do only 1080p @ 30fps, or 720p @ 60fps + some other smaller resolutions. There’s a WiFi option, which allows you to connect to this camera via smart phone or tablet (using special app). Via the app, you can record a video or take pictures, it’s good for when you’re using a case or bracket that blocks the built-in LCD display on the camera itself.
Camera takes Micro SD card (not included).

It comes with 100% waterproof case (underwater test seen on video review), which can be used for diving, it also protects the camera from dust and impacts, however it also blocks the audio a lot. There’s another cover which has holes in it for better audio, but obviously it’s no longer waterproof then.

In general this camera has really crystal clear quality and good color temperature, so videos look sharp and clean and colorful.
Battery doesn’t last too long, but it’s re-chargeable and replaceable, so you can always buy more batteries and just replace them when they run out or buy a USB power bank to charge it on the go!

This camera also has features such as G-Sensor. This means G-force sensor, when enabled, then camera protects the file so it won’t get overwritten automatically, this is good when using it as a dashcam in car, which you can do. It has a loop recording in case you want to use it as dashcam. Loop recording means that it records and overwrites older files on SD card. However when the G-sensor is triggered, then it protects the file so it won’t get overwritten when the card is full.
G-sensor is triggered when camera takes impact, there are 3 options for it (low, medium, high). So when on high, then slightest bump can trigger it, while on low you have to smack it quite good.

There are lot of other functions too, which you can see on the video review!


2160p Action Camera

Buy on Amazon:

This is a newer model, this camera can record in native 2160×3840 (4k) resolution @ 25 fps, 1080p in 60fps and 720p in 120fps. It comes with the usual waterproof case which can be used for diving or to protect the camera.
There’s also WiFi function, which allows you to record the video straight onto the mobile device and via the app, you can also change some settings. Camera also has time lapse function, which is quite cool to have. However time lapse doesn’t make a video, it simply takes pictures every 2 – 60 seconds (depending on settings).

You’ll also find 1 extra battery and a remote controller in the package. Extra battery comes in handy if you run out of juice, while remote controller only has 2 buttons on it, record video and take photo. It’s about size of a wrist watch and can be wrapped around your hand like a wrist watch too. It’s useful if you trying to take a selfie or put camera in a place where you can’t really access it, but want to take a photo or start / stop video recording. Comes in handy!
Ofcourse camera has built-in LCD display and lot of other function which you can see on the video review.


But which camera is better?

 It depends really, to tell you the truth, I think 1080p camera has better image quality than the 4k camera. Even when recording in 1080p with both, the 1080p Action Camera just seems so much clearer. Image on the 4k camera is not as clear, it seems more pixelated. They both have their own pros and cons. For example 1080p one doesn’t have the time lapse function nor the remote controller. Also the 4k camera has bigger LCD screen and comes with a remote controller, while 4k camera doesn’t have the G-Sensor and it’s not really designed to be used as dashcam, however you can, as it still has the loop recording.

They’re both good in their own way, but honestly I think i’d recommend the 1080p camera, I mean how many people actually own the 4k monitor to watch 4k content? maybe in 5 years or so 4k will be more common, but at this point I think it’s not really worth it. Remote controller isn’t that useful either, because both of these cameras can be controlled via smart phone or tablet, which can be used as remote controller.

Either way, bother cameras are way cheaper than the expensive brands such as GoPro. Neither of these cameras measure up to GoPro level, but considering they cost 5-6 times less than GoPro, they’re totally worth it! Aukey’s 1080p camera has really good quality and 4k one isn’t that bad either, they’re both great outdoors, while in poor lighting conditions they do pixelate a bit.
Hope this info helps you choose!

HTC Vive Virtual Reality (VR)

Lets take a look at a fancy HTC Vive virtual reality Headset.

It’s quite a pricey toy but that’s to be expected at this time, but is the experience worth it ?

Sure it’s potential is huge in many aspects  but currently i would say very limited given a few years it might be considered almost mandatory in gaming for that ultimate experience and you will be able see it takes quite some adjusting to.

See a detailed video below 🙂