TONOR TRL-20 ring light w/ remote and Tripod – Unboxing and Review

Tonor TRL-20 is Ring light that comes with professional tripod and bluetooth remote controller for mobile devices. Tripod uses universal camera connector, so you can either mount the light onto it and then camera onto light or camera directly onto the tripod. Remote controller is suppose to work with iOS and Android, but I never got it working, perhaps it just requires 1000 dollar phone .. who knows, nowdays products are made for LATEST phones only, so any bluetooth phone apperently doesn’t work. Otherwise it’s quite excellent product.

It’s not the brightest light, but more than enough to have video calls or make selfies. Also works great if you want to record other stuff with it, such as making video reviews, however range on this light is not good. I wouldn’t recommend more than 1.5 meter range.

Tripod is well designed and highly adjustable. Also the camera / light mount is on quick release, so if you’re always using same camera on tripod, you don’t have to screw it off each time, you can just undo the quick release and it pops off.

If you want more details, then check the unboxing and fully detailed review video below.


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Ludos Turbo – High Quality, Low Price Memory Foam Earbud Earphones

Ludos Turbo is high quality, yet low price earbud earphones, using memory foam technology, which makes them very comfortable and producing amazing bass. Works on mobile devices, PC, laptops, music players ..etc. It uses a basic 3.5mm jack with quad channels. It also has a function button, which works different on different devices, on mobiles it can play/pause or answer / cancel calls ..etc. On PC and music players it doesn’t do anything at all.

#LudosTurbo comes in a nice tiny metal box, which includes a Ludos sticker and bag for your earphones. These earphones are perfect for those who are on budget, but don’t want to compromise on quality. You get amazing bass and high quality audio out of these earphones. Also thanks to memory foam earbuds, they also block out background noise very well, so you can enjoy your music even in loud places.


Video Review

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TECKIN Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch Unboxing, Review, Setup and How to Install

Wireless light switches are awesome, so no wonder more and more companies are making them now. Usually they have 2 switches in 1, so you can connect 2 lights (or other devices) to the switch and control them via “smart life” app once they’re connected up.

Switch itself is super easy to connect if you have common sense and basic knowledge of how electricity works, but if you’re unsure how to install it, then you can find more details on the video review below.

You can also turn the switch on / off manually as it has to “buttons” on it, however if you want to connect it up via app, you must have the switch within wireless coverage, so make sure your router’s wireless is strong enough to reach the switch (you can test this with your phone or other mobile device to make sure signal is strong near where you want to install the switch). Once switch has been setup via app, you can then control it from anywhere in the world via app. Smart Life app also allows you to set timers or schedule and it says it supports Alexa, Google Home Assistant and IFTTT too.

Even tho this is EU switch, it will work perfectly fine in UK too as you only need to connect mains power cables to it, while i’m not so sure about USA, because USA uses 120v and not 220v. And in case you’re in doubt, this switch is not just for lights, as it’s a mains power switch, it can switch anything that works on 220 volts. If you keep forgetting your cooker on all the time, you can set it on a timer that it turns itself off after like 1h in case you forget cooker on. I’m not sure about wattage tho, it doesn’t say how much it supports, but I think it’s about 5000w or so, it’s hard to find a device that takes over 2000w anyways, maybe some heaters, but they usually have their own timers and switches and they also have a plug, so for heater you should be looking for smart socket and not a wall switch.

Check out the video review for all the details and step-by-step setup and how to install tutorials.

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Teckin Smart RGB LED light bulb Unboxing, Review and Setup

Got another RGB LED smart light bulb here, these things are quite cool and easy to setup and they get more popular by the day. One of those is not enough to light up your entire room, but it’s enough for some TV or PC light, also if you’re under or close to the light bulb, it’s good for reading too, however the color modes are rather dim, they’re purely for effect and not suppose to light up the area at all.

It can be controlled via “Smart Life” app, which is available for iOS and Android (maybe something else too?) For more details and setup guide, check out the video review below.

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OMARS 10000mAh USB Power Bank REVIEW

Here’s a review of a very simple 10000mAh USB Power bank, it’s designed to power your phone or tablet when you’re nowhere near a charger or USB outlet, so keeping one in your pocket is a good idea .. that is ofcourse you are heavy phone user and need that extra juice!

Comparison to a phone / tablet battery, a normal phone has usually 1000 – 3000mAh battery and some tablets might have bit more, but nothing goes over 5000mAh. It also supports qualcomm quick charge.


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Leagoo Z5c Android Smart Phone – Worth it?

Let’s take a look at the Leagoo Z5c Smart Phone, it’s quite cheap, but what does it mean? is it good? bad? or both? or neither?
You can start by watching the review video, which shows you the phone and gives you the idea of what it’s all about.


Here are the Leagoo Z5c Specifications:

Dimensions: 71.8 x 143.8 x 8.9 mm
Weight: 108 g
Spreadtrum SC7731G
CPU: ARM Cortex-A7, Quad Core @ 1.3ghz
GPU: ARM Mali-400 MP2, Dual Core @ 400 MHz
Internal Storage: 8 GB
Memory cards: microSD, microSDHC
Display: 5 in, TFT, 480 x 854 pixels, 24 bit
Battery: 2300 mAh, Li-Ion
Operating System: Android 6.0 Marshmallow
Cameras: 2592 x 1944 pixels, 1280 x 720 pixels, 30 fps (read note below)
SIM cards: Mini-SIM, Micro-SIM Wi-Fi: b, g, n,
USB: 2.0, Micro USB
Bluetooth: 4.1
Positioning: GPS, A-GPS

I have looked through lot of specifications and they all seem to be different. That’s probably because idiots just copy and paste them randomly from sites, without knowing what they are saying.
Note about the camera: Everywhere I looked, it says 30fps, but I tested different camera apps and never got over 10fps (front and back cameras). Also the camera photo resolution is higher than 2592×1922. I don’t know where those people getting the specs from, They never test, just talk.

So that said, some places say it has IPS screen, but I assure you, it is NOT IPS. If you don’t know what’s so special about IPS, then let me explain. IPS is type of LCD screen, that has very high viewing angle. Notice when you are in front of your normal LCD monitor and move up / down, then colors distort or even go negative? Well with IPS monitor / screen you don’t have this problem, regardless from which angle you view the screen from, colors are always same, on this phone however, viewing angles are not great at all, so clearly not IPS screen.

Everything else on this phone seems ok, camera quality is not good, but that was to be expected from a budget phone. It’s enough to take pics, but quality is pixelated, even outside with sunny weather. Flash on camera doesn’t really help either. I get a lot better image quality on my old Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini, which is a lot older than this phone. I would really like to have a lot higher camera quality, after all, what are phones for nowdays? Calling? … i don’t think so, majority of people are using their phones to take pictures and videos and sharing them on social media. So I would expect phone’s camera to have good quality.

But overall, this phone is worth the money. Considering that it costs a lot less than top brands, yet it has almost all the functions that top brands have, such as GPS, bluetooth, all types of movement sensors, compass ..etc ..etc. It also has quite big screen, so you can watch some videos on it.

HTC Vive Virtual Reality (VR)

Lets take a look at a fancy HTC Vive virtual reality Headset.

It’s quite a pricey toy but that’s to be expected at this time, but is the experience worth it ?

Sure it’s potential is huge in many aspects  but currently i would say very limited given a few years it might be considered almost mandatory in gaming for that ultimate experience and you will be able see it takes quite some adjusting to.

See a detailed video below 🙂