OxyLED 306 LEDs Curtain Lights REVIEW

OxyLED Curtain Lights is a special layout of 306 LEDs and 18 strings that can be used as “curtain”, hanging down from above. It has 8 different modes, so it can be used for x-mas tree too or for parties. Brightness is not adjustable, however it saves the last mode it was on when you un-plug and re-plug.

Check the unboxing + review video below to learn more about these cool lights


Video Review

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REVIEW and TESTING of uLighting flexible RGB LED Strip (2×5 meters)

This here is fairly basic, yet cool LED strip. It comes with adapter and remote controller (battery included) and is split into 2 x 5 meters, however you can use the included “adapter” to connect them together and have 10m strip, the choice is yours!

The LED strip is also flexible and has pre-applied adhesive tape at the back. Color choice is usual, Red, Green, Blue and mix of some other colors, such as orange, pink, purple, sea blue, sky blue ..etc. Brightness is adjustable and there are 4 different modes to choose from too, however I personally don’t like the cool color temp, the white is blueish white, but that’s matter of preference. If you want to know more and see it in action, check out the unboxing and review video below.



Buy on Amazon – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07K8898JN

REVIEW of Wireless Color Changing Smart LED Light Bulb

Here we have a color changing LED light bulb that can be controlled remotely via app. It’s quite heavy on it’s own, but apart from that, it can change colors and brightness and saturation via app. When unconfigured, it’s just bright white.
It’s not quite enough to properly light up the room, but will do just fine for ambient light when watching TV or gaming. Untested, but it says it also works with Alexa and google assistant.
App itself has voice commands too, which are demonstrated on the video, have a Happy lighting 🙂


For more details, check the Video Review

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REVIEW of 2 Pack LED Fairy String Lights (battery powered)

Here we take a look at these simple LED fairy lights. Fairy .. as they are on very thin wire that is nearly invisible, so it looks like you have fairies hanging on a tree .. or whereever you decide to hang these on 🙂

It’s a pack of 2, so you get 2x 5 meter lights and 2x remote controllers! These are bright white only, you can only change in between 8 different modes, blink and stuff or solid ON. They’re powered by 3x AA batteries, well each unit takes 3x AA batteries and they’re not included with the product. OR you can cut the wire and convert it into USB, it’s easy enough.
It’s good choice for x-mas or other occasions where you need some flashy lights 🙂


For more details, check the Video Review

Buy on Amazon ► https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01IT0Z70K

REVIEW of networked Wi-Fi light switch!

This time we have a Kesen Wireless light switch that can be controlled either directly by using the touch-sensitive buttons or via mobile app that can also control the switch when you’re away from home! It’s great addition to your house, the app also allows you to use timer and schedule, for example if you’re not at home, but you’re worried about burglars, then schedule function really comes in handy, it can turn lights on / off any time and you can add multiple entries for different days!

If you want to know how to install and setup the switch, then check the detailed video review below as the setup process is bit of an hassle, however once setup, it remembers the settings and there’s no need to set it up again, even if power goes out, it keeps the settings.

Buy on Amazon ► https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B075JCN3YQ

I haven’t tested it with Alexa or google assistant, but I’m sure it will work.

Review of Energy Saver LED Light Bulb (suitable for entire room)

Here’s review of an awesome LED Light Bulb, 12 watts and 220 – 240 volts. This light bulb comes with EU or UK fitting. It’s enough to light up entire room (mid to medium size rooms).

Here are 3 things that make this light bulb really useful and awesome:

  1. It barely gets warm (max temp it reaches to, is cool enough for you to put your hand on it without getting burnt)
  2. It’s bright enough to light up entire room
  3. It’s LED, meaning it will last longer than any other fluoresence or non-LED bulbs


Check out the detailed Video Review

Aglaia Eye Friendly LED Desk Lamp

Today we have a fancy led desk lamp to talk about in hope it will provide some light into our lives hah.

Highlights of the fancy lamp
* It’s bright and cool
* Dimmable and has a 60 minute timer.

Check the Video Below to see detailed review of this cool lamp.

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