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Here are our terms, requirements, what we offer and how to Contact Us


Terms & Requirements for a Product Review

You must be able to send us a free sample product (including free delivery + tax & toll fees paid)
Please note that if you are making amazon gift card or coupon, then final order amount must be 20gbp or more for free delivery.

We do not accept PayPal transfers / refund purchases on websites that do not accept PayPal (If website accepts PayPal, such as eBay, then PayPal would be fine, but you must be able to send the payment ahead + all fees).

We must be able to keep the product after the review is done (regardless of our rating)

We must be able to monetize the youtube video and use the product in any way we like (even if it means modifying or breaking it)

 We do not take any responsibility for defected / broken products, if we do receive one, we let you know and then you can decide if you’d like to send a replacement, not do the review or have a review “as is”, including with the broken part and mentioning that product was damaged in transit, either way we must be able to keep the product.

There’s no fee for our Reviews

 If you do not like the review or rating we give, we won’t delete the review or youtube video as we’ve already done the work. If product has been damaged in delivery or defected, then we won’t give your product bad rating / review just because of that.

Review will usually be done within 1 week from the point we receive the product (we can’t give 100% guarantee, sometimes we have lot of videos to do and it might go over the 1 week limit, but so far it hasn’t happened)

 All of our Reviews are honest and unbiased. We don’t take sides, so don’t even ask! Just because product is sent for free, it doesn’t mean that we give it a positive rating. If product has poor quality or design, it will be shown and mentioned on the video and rated accordingly.


What we offer in return

Youtube video review of your product on Sethioz Reviews youtube channel (unboxing, testing, showing features and quality) – Please note that we don’t accept simple products for youtube anymore (Such as cables, phone holders, covers, clothes ..etc ..etc)

 Tech / Gaming related product reviews can potentially also be published on my Gaming youtube channel The Sethioz Project – See Notes at bottom of page.

 Review on one additional website (if you have a listing anywhere else.)

You can give us links and other product related info to be included in video description and on our Hardware Blog

Written review on our Hardware Blog

• We no longer offer amazon reviews as amazon has decided that professional reviewers are not allowed to post reviews. Amazon decides this based on how product is received, they do not care about the product rating or the review itself, they make their judgement based only on how product was received. If person receives several products for free, then their idiotic mind tells them that reviewer is “bought off” and they delete the reviews.
I would strongly recommend for all sellers to use eBay instead of Amazon. Amazon has gone down the toilet hole and their reviews are only accepted from idiots who put 1 star just because they ordered a wrong product (such as one idiot left 1 star  because he ordered a light bulb with wrong socket, he should have chosen the UK socket, but he chose EU socket and then left 1 star saying – this is shit, it doesn’t fit – Well yeah .. ofc it doesn’t fit you moron). So amazon has become a very bad place and I would not recommend it to anyone.


How to send us the sample product for a Review

We accept:
– Direct Delivery to one of our Reviewers (Main address is in Germany, but we can arrange a US delivery address if needed)
– Amazon Coupon Code for 100% discount (See notes below please)
– Amazon Gift Card (yes I know, gift card works on any product, but I have high reputation and I would not spend it on any other product)
– We accept PayPal, only if website accepts PayPal payments (such as eBay)


How to Contact

Click on the images below to see our Reviewer profiles and channels. On youtube, you can click on “About” tab and there you can find the contact email at bottom.
Email is not directly listed on this page due the spamming issues.

Sethioz Reviews youtube channel

Gaming and/or Tech related product reviews can possibly also be published on my personal The Sethioz Project gaming youtube channel. Products such as gaming keyboards, gaming mice, monitors, gamepads, phones..etc
If you are unsure if I accept your product for The Sethioz Project channel or not, then feel free to contact me first, by default, I do not publish reviews on my gaming channel anymore.

Here are some examples of which products I would accept for my gaming, The Sethioz Project, channel:
Gaming keyboards, Gaming mice, RC Drones, Monitors, TVs, Gamepads, Cameras (must be 1080p resolution or higher), Headsets, Microphones, HDDs and SSDs and anything similar to those.

What I do not accept for The Sethioz Project channel: USB hubs, Cables, Lights, eCigs, Kitchen appliances ..etc.