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Here’s what we offer, our terms, requirements & how to Cooperate with Us


What we offer

 Professional (and sometimes funny) Youtube video of your product on Sethioz Reviews youtube channel and that video will also be promoted on The Sethioz Project Youtube channel (It will be posted in the Community tab, which means all the subscribers will be able to see the post).

 Video includes unboxing, demonstration of features, showing how the product works and honest thoughts / rating.

 You are allowed to re-use our Review video to promote the product or upload it as product introduction on any website, with just one condition – Do not cover up or cut out the on-video credits ( However to prevent any accidental copyright issues on youtube, you should always tell us your channel name if you plan on using it on youtube.

Written review on our Hardware Blog, which you can also use for other websites if you leave credits to original writer (Sethioz Reviews).

You can give us links and other product related info to be included in video description, as pinned comment and also on our Hardware Blog.

• We no longer offer amazon reviews as amazon has decided that professional reviewers are not allowed to post reviews, however you can use our video review to post on amazon to promote the product or add as product intro.


Terms & Requirements for a Product Review

• We accept only gaming or tech related products, such as headsets, LED lights, mice, keyboards, switches, drones ..etc

• We do not accept simple products, such as cables, clothing, bags, pet accessories, carpets ..etc

You must be able to send us a free sample product (free delivery + tax & toll fees paid)
Please note that if you are making amazon gift card or coupon, then final order amount must be 20gbp or more for free delivery (or equivalent in USD / EUR).

We do not accept PayPal transfers / refund purchases on websites that do not accept PayPal (If website accepts PayPal payments, such as eBay, then PayPal would be fine, but you must be able to send the payment ahead + all fees covered).

We must be able to keep the product after the review is done (regardless of our opinion on the product)

We must be able to monetize the youtube video and use the product in any way we like (even if it means modifying, breaking it or making fun of it)

 We do not take any responsibility for defected / broken products, if we do receive one, we let you know and then you can decide if you’d like to send a replacement, not do the review or have a review “as is”, including with the broken part and mentioning that product was damaged in transit, either way we must be able to keep the original product + replacement (if sent).

There’s no fee for our Reviews, but we do accept and make paid pre-roll adverts / promo videos on request (see more info below).

 If you do not like the review or rating we give, we won’t be able to delete the review or youtube video as we’ve already done the work (could be possible if we are being paid for the time and effort we spent on the review).

Review will usually be done within 1 week from the point where we receive the product (we can’t give 100% guarantee, sometimes we have lot of videos to do and it might go over the 1 week limit, but so far it hasn’t happened)

 All of our Reviews are honest and unbiased. We don’t take sides, so don’t ask us to give positive only. Just because product is sent for free, it doesn’t mean that we give it a positive rating. If product has poor quality or design, it will be shown and mentioned on the video and rated accordingly.


We offer to make Paid Pre-Roll adverts or promotional videos

 We can make you a short professional pre-roll advert that is suitable to be placed in front of Youtube (or other) videos. I can also offer to place such pre-roll ads on my personal Gaming Youtube channel The Sethioz Project –

 We can also make you a professional promotional / introduction video of your product, it’s basically similar to the pre-roll ad, but bit longer. Such videos are suitable for promoting or introducing your product on websites and stores, such as Amazon.

Prices depend on the requirements and length of the video. Pre-rolls can be included for free if you send us a product for review, but placing the pre-roll on The Sethioz Project videos will cost 10 – 20 eur per video (depending on length of ad and which video I place it on). Promo / Intro videos can be done for 20 – 100+ eur, depending on how complex the video has to be. If it requires outside recording or a person on video, then price will be higher. Contact us for more info.

Samples of Pre-Roll adverts

 This one is pre-roll ad itself, ready to be placed in front of any video.

 This is how a paid pre-roll ad looks like on a public video


How to send us the sample product for a Review

We accept:
 Direct Delivery to one of our Reviewers (Main address is in Germany, but we can also arrange USA delivery address if needed)
 Amazon Coupon Code for 100% discount (See notes below please)
 Amazon Gift Card (it can be used on anything, but I have high reputation and I would never use it on anything other than your product)
 We accept PayPal, only if website accepts PayPal payments (such as eBay)


How to Contact Us

Click on the Sethioz Reviews link or on the YouTube Reviews image below. Then on youtube, you can click on “About” tab and there you can find the contact email at bottom.
Email is not directly listed on this page due the spamming issues.

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