Paladou Lapel clip-on Microphone REVIEW

Review of a simple clip-on (lapel / lavalier) microphone. It’s rather decent quality mic and it has “adapters” for phones and PC, so it works on pretty much any device. It uses usual 3.5mm audio jack, so any device that uses 3.5mm mic socket, is supported.

Check out the review video below for details and quality test.


Video Review

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Beisiwo High Quality desktop Microphone REVIEW

Here’s a very basic, yet high quality desktop microphone. It’s short range only and connects via USB. Cable is about 1.5 meters and around the microphone itself there’s a soft material that kind of acts like pop filter.

For more details and quality test, check the video below.


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RiwboX bluetooth wireless headphones Unboxing and Review

Let’s go ahead and unbox and test out this cool new RiwboX bluetooth headset! It comes in different colors, but Black with Gold looks amazing, this headset has good bass, but it’s not the most comfortable headset. It can also be used for handsfree talking. Want more details? Why not check out the video review below:


Video Review

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USB Conference Microphone REVIEW

This USB microphone is designed for conferences, it’s a long range microphone with good quality, ofcourse you can’t compare the quality to a close range studio microphone, but for a long range microphone the quality is really good. It has no problems recording your voice from 3+ meter distances.

It’s super easy to use,  just plug the USB into your PC or laptop and touch the touch button to turn it on / off. EASY! For more details and quality test, check out the video review below.


Video Review

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EasySMX Cool 2000 cheap gaming headset REVIEW and TESTING

Cool new headset by EasySMX, called Cool 2000! Sounds cool 🙂
This is a very simple and cheap stereo gaming headset, also compatible with consoles and mobiles by using the included adapter / splitter. USB cable is only to power the LED lights, otherwise it connects over analog connector. Check the video for details!


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High Quality LiteXim Bluetooth Earbud Earphones for Music

These cool LiteXim earbud earphones are really great for music, but also have handsfree capabilities. There are no wires at all, each earphone is stand-alone and synchronizes with another when powered on. This amazing product also includes a 3 in 1 case for earphones. You can store your earphones in the case + charge them in there + case has a built-in battery pack so you can charge them up couple of times when on the go!

Check out the REVIEW VIDEO here:

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Linkwitz VT-H88 Bluetooth Headset

Lets check out a Bluetooth headset from Linkwitz

The quality is good and has a solid metal construction so quite sturdy, headband is very easy to adjust and can be folded making transporting them very easy and comfort level even in longer term use is quite amazing even tho it is quite heavy.

It also has clickable media controls on the right cup for play/pause/vol up-down and noise cancelling and  3.5mm jack is used for bypassing the Bluetooth/battery of the headphones.

Apart from potential battery drain issue and few plastic pieces  it’s truly good BT headset of premium quality.

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EasySMX Kids Headsets REVIEW

So lets take a look at kids headphones/headset

They are designed for children ages 3 and up and up to 85dB volume, it has built-in volume controlled circuitry.

Built-in headphone splitter for sharing with friends and a built-in Mic the quality is not the best as you can hear from the video review but still quite okay.

It does has a Comfortable and adjustable quality PU leather headband and detachable cushion pad and universal compatibility with 3.5mm headphone jack.


In overall its quite a nice package all together for little kids age of 3+  not loud and quite colorful and comfortable and they are easy to store since u can fold em.

Take a look at video review  below to see more details on this product 🙂


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EasySMX ESM-G291 USB Stereo Gaming Headset

EasySMX ESM-G291 USB Stereo Gaming Headset 

It’s a decent usb headset with a very nice cable.

Ergonomic Design: Extensible broad head beam is easy to adjust for fitting various head easilly.

Hidden Microphone: Omnidirectional microphone with fair quality.

Bass Vibration Control: Volume control and bass vibration control are integrated in left-side ear cup.

Honestly in overall it’s not a bad headset with little led light on the cups.

Quite retro styled, Bass & Sound quality is Ok , comfort level could be better but has potential.


Driver diameter: Φ40mm

Speaker sensitivity: 110dB±3dB

Speaker impedance: 32Ω

Frequency range: 20Hz-20kHz

Mic dimension: 6.0 x 2.8mm

Mic sensitivity: -36dB ±3dB

Mic impedance: ≤2.2KΩ

Mic direction: Omnidirectional

Cable length: 2.2M

Headset interface: USB

Headset weight: 395g

EasySMX Headsets SA-807 – HW398M – ESM939P

SA-807 Stereo Gaming Headset

A simple headset with really good bass and microphone quality, no doubt it would be work out really well on a casual  / music headset.

  • Adjustable Rest
  • Fair microphone sound quality
  • Great Bass
  • Cheap

The leather ear-cups may not be best choice if you have problematic skin.

Only negative thing is the moody noodle microphone

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HW-398M Wireless Gaming Headset

Compatibility is a thing on this headset. It’s Designed for  PC and Consoles with a quite lovely look.

  • Very easy to setup very straight forward plug and play.
  • Comfortable to use even for several hours
  • Good sound quality
  • Detachable microphone
  • 10-12 hours single charge life

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ESM939P Gaming Headset

In overall it’s a fair headset with a detachable microphone for casual use.

  • Detachable microphone
  • Clear and loud microphone
  • Good Bass
  • PC / PS4 / Xbox one support

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Final Thoughts

All 3 are very nice budged headset, with a minor differences but all with really nice microphone quality as you heard in the videos and bass quality been surprisingly good on headsets of that price range starting from the £20 to roughly £90 sure they are not Tiamat quality but not so far from.

  • SA – 807 Is a Truly Great option for a music headset or casual gaming  it is a simple and comfortable headset on really low budget £30
  • HW-398M Is a good wireless option for PC & Consoles with a balanced quality of sound & microphone with fair  battery life but Top price Range of £90
  • ESM939P Is partly modular headset that supports Consoles and PC and sits in a mid price range £40