REVIEW of mini 1080p spy camera with Motion Sensor + Night Vision

This is quite interesting camera, it’s battery powered and very small, it’s about same size as some dash / action cams, but it functions bit differently. It’s designed as “spy” camera, so you can leave it on motion detection mode and then place it somewhere hidden, then let it do it’s job, then collect it afterwards to see what you caught on it.

It doesn’t support remote control or view, but it’s still a cool little thing. It’s 1080p, even tho video quality could be better, it’s still clear enough. It’s not designed to make movies, it’s designed to show what happens when nobody is there to watch.

ConBroV T33 also supports infrared night vision, it uses 3 powerful infrared LEDs to light up the area and then switches to infrared mode (infrared cannot be seen by human eye). infrared range is about 10 meters. For quality, how to use and other details, check out the video below.


Video Review

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RUIZU X02 Digital music / video player REVIEW

Here we have a really small and lightweight “mp3 player”. Not sure why people still call them mp3 players, because they can play other formats too. mp3 player name sticks from the days when they were only able to play .mp3 formats, but nowdays most of them can do almost any audio format (such as .wav .flac .mp4 ..etc) and also some video formats. X02 can also play video files and show the video on screen, good for playing music videos.

It has 8gb internal memory and expandable up to 128gb (SD card slot). Very basic player, yet good quality and somewhat easy to use. Check the video below for further details.


Video Review

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EasySMX Cool 2000 cheap gaming headset REVIEW and TESTING

Cool new headset by EasySMX, called Cool 2000! Sounds cool 🙂
This is a very simple and cheap stereo gaming headset, also compatible with consoles and mobiles by using the included adapter / splitter. USB cable is only to power the LED lights, otherwise it connects over analog connector. Check the video for details!


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High Quality LiteXim Bluetooth Earbud Earphones for Music

These cool LiteXim earbud earphones are really great for music, but also have handsfree capabilities. There are no wires at all, each earphone is stand-alone and synchronizes with another when powered on. This amazing product also includes a 3 in 1 case for earphones. You can store your earphones in the case + charge them in there + case has a built-in battery pack so you can charge them up couple of times when on the go!

Check out the REVIEW VIDEO here:

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REVIEW of Ludos Flamma 10000dpi Gaming Mouse

Ludos Flamma, sounds flammable! This is an awesome gaming mouse, with programmable buttons and RGB LEDs. It uses nice smooth silkish rubber coating and anti-slip scroll wheel.

For more details, take a look at the video review below

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Review of simple digital alarm clock

Let’s take a look at this simple digital alarm clock.

  • Double alarms (you can set 2 different alarms)
  • Turn alarms on / off with just touch of a button
  • Intelligent backlight (adjusts to ambient light)
  • Manual backlight that stays on for about 5 seconds
  • Includes a temperature reading
  • Includes year / month / day
  • Easy to setup


If you want to see more details, check out the review video below

REVIEW of AcGam Gaming Combo: Mechanical Keyboard + Mouse + Mat

Here we have a cool gaming combo by AcGam.

Fully Programmable Compact Mechanical Keyboard with blue switches, Fully Programmable Gaming mouse and perfectly long mouse + keyboard mat!

AcGam seem to be stepping up with really cheap, yet good quality gaming gear. This keyboard is fully programmable, even tho it has only white backlight, it has everything else that a gamer needs. You can re-program any button and it has detachable cable so you can easily store it in a bag, making it perfect for travelling.

Mouse is also fully programmable and has 10000 dpi sensitivity. Software allows you to program 5 profiles and each profile can have 5 dpi settings and colors are also fully programmable to your liking. Each profile can have just the color you like.

Mouse mat is very simple, but that too, has some good feature – the stitched edges, making it durable around the edges.

For more details, including the software setup and usage, check out the awesome review videos below:


AcGam AG6X Mechanical Gaming Keyboard REVIEW

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AcGam G402 Fully Programmable Gaming Mouse REVIEW

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AcGam Mouse + Keyboard Mat REVIEW

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REVIEW of a Mini 220 volt Wi-Fi smart Switch

Here we have a mini wireless smart switch. It’s rated for 240 volts @ 5 amps max. It requires eWeLink mobile app, but can also be turned on / off manually by pressing the tiny button on top (which is real nightmare to press).

This switch is excellent for lights, but can also be used for other stuff. Just remember that 5 amps @ 240 volts = 1200 watts, so anything that takes more than 1200 watts of power would probably fry the thing.

It also works with Alexa, so you can have voice commands 🙂 For any further details, check out the video below. Video contains unboxing, first look, installation guide + app setup / pairing. In other words, it’s a full review of the product, everything you need to know.


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REVIEW of a Pristino Power Cleaner / Scrubber

Here’s a useful device .. if you’re a cleaner! A Power scrubber / cleaner that is designed to help out in those ugly situations where you need to scrub something down 🙂
It works well on cooker, pots, pans, car wheels, tiles, toilets ..etc ..etc

It’s battery powered and splash proof, so you can use it with wet hands. For more details, check out the review video below.


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REVIEW of Fitfort budget 4k Action Camera. WORTH IT?!

This time I’m taking a look at this budget range 4k action camera. Right off the bat, I was quite impressed with it already. Unlike all the other action cameras I’ve reviewed, this one comes in a travel case! Everything is already fit inside, no additional packages included.

So the case includes a camera itself with waterproof case, 1 extra battery, remote controller (for taking pics and videos) and all the usual universal mounts and clips.
I strongly recommend watching the Video Review as it includes far more details than you can put in words. Video also includes quality test, microphone test and ofcourse underwater test, proving that it’s 100% waterproof!

Also the camera supports mobile app, which can be used to record a video, take photos and also allows you to download videos off the SD card (on camera). On video review, it’s shown how to setup the app and use it.

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  • Comes with travel case
  • Includes 1 extra battery
  • Comes with remote controller
  • LCD display on back
  • Supports mobile app
  • Records in native 4k (3840 x 2160 @ 25 fps)
  • Good Microphone quality for a camera
  • Can be used as dash cam (loop recording)
  • Cheap for a 4k Camera



  • Does not include SD card
  • When using app, you can’t record higher than 1080p
  • Only 25fps when recording in 4k

Worth It?

As you can see, the Cons list is really small and they’re not really cons that would drag the rating down. Just had to mention them. Considering that this camera is in the cheapest 4k range and it includes a travel case and extra battery, I’d say it’s totally worth it! Quality is nothing special, even in 4k it’s not as good as my 6 year old Sony handycam, however quality is still good, better than any other action camera I’ve reviewed so far. If you’re curious, the bitrate is about 70000 on raw files, which is very high compared to normal videos. iPhone X has about 100000 bitrate in 4k 60fps, but only reason it has higher bitrate, is because of the 60fps. Compared to iPhone X video quality, i’d say this camera is slightly better, however it can only do 25fps. It could be 30fps.

Anyway for this price, this camera is totally worth buying! You get more than you pay for.