Nooie wireless doorbell camera w/ remote control via app – REVIEW + How to SETUP + TESTING

Nooie doorbell camera is designed for feature-rich ease of access. It has 2k resolution camera with built-in motion sensor, nightvision and 2-way audio, which you can control via app. Below you find list of features, which is best way to describe what this doorbell camera offers. Setup and installation is straight forward, just plug the battery in, plug the base station into the wall socket, download “Nooie” app from app store and follow the on-screen instructions.

List of features:

Camera resolution: 2k = 2048×1536 max
Supports micro SD card (up to 128gb)
IR Nightvision (IR = infrared, it uses IR LEDs to light up the area)
Built-in Microphone and Speaker (2-way audio).
Motion detector with adjustable range
Alarm system based on motion sensor
Anti-theft alarm
Remote live feed (you can view the camera via app).
Save images and videos to your mobile device via Nooie app
Doorbell button rings your app (phone / tablet)

+ easy to setup
+ nightvision
+ 2-way audio (mic + speaker) can have remote conversation between app <> doorbell
+ remote live feed / remote viewing via internet
+ app supports cloud backup
+ 2k quality
+ motion sensor / detection
+ anti-theft alarm / siren
+ 9700mAh high-capactiy battery (3-5x more than phones)
+ ability to save photos and videos onto your mobile device via app
+ base station supports wireless + wired connection
+ IP66 waterproof (This means it has full protection against dust and should withstand heavy rain from any angle). I doubt it can withstand heavy rain from any angle tho, doesn’t look like it has proper rubber seals for that, I would strongly advise you to install it in location where it’s protected from direct rain.

– no SD card included
– poor range (1-3ft based on location)
– poor audio quality (probably just app issues)

Video Review