OxyLED 306 LEDs Curtain Lights REVIEW

OxyLED Curtain Lights is a special layout of 306 LEDs and 18 strings that can be used as “curtain”, hanging down from above. It has 8 different modes, so it can be used for x-mas tree too or for parties. Brightness is not adjustable, however it saves the last mode it was on when you un-plug and re-plug.

Check the unboxing + review video below to learn more about these cool lights


Video Review

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REVIEW of 2 Pack LED Fairy String Lights (battery powered)

Here we take a look at these simple LED fairy lights. Fairy .. as they are on very thin wire that is nearly invisible, so it looks like you have fairies hanging on a tree .. or whereever you decide to hang these on 🙂

It’s a pack of 2, so you get 2x 5 meter lights and 2x remote controllers! These are bright white only, you can only change in between 8 different modes, blink and stuff or solid ON. They’re powered by 3x AA batteries, well each unit takes 3x AA batteries and they’re not included with the product. OR you can cut the wire and convert it into USB, it’s easy enough.
It’s good choice for x-mas or other occasions where you need some flashy lights 🙂


For more details, check the Video Review

Buy on Amazon ► https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01IT0Z70K