U31W Navigator-W RC Quadcopter Drone REVIEW

Let’s take a look a this new RC Quadcopter. I highly recommend you to watch the Video Review, but if you don’t have time to watch the video, then we sum it up as quickly as possible.


Video Review

Buy it here:
Amazon – https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B071DXFP48
Vipon – https://www.vipon.com/product/3811144

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Here are some of the key features that make it easy for you to know more about the drone:

  1. Drone has auto-hover (it means it holds altitude on it’s own)
  2. It comes with a stand alone controller
  3. Drone has a built-in 720p camera (no sound recording)
  4. Camera also includes a 4gb micro SD card and a USB adapter (so that you can copy the files off of SD card to your PC)
  5. Drone is considered as “small size” and suitable for indoors
  6. Can be controlled via mobile app
  7. Camera includes a live feed with only about 300ms latency



  1. Easy to control when using the stand alone controller
  2. Low latency in the live feed (makes it possible to fly it via view of the app)
  3. Can be controlled via app or by using controller
  4. Suitable for beginners
  5. Quite durable propellers and design



  1. You’re not able to start video recording via controller (must use app)
  2. It uses special battery that cannot be replaced with any of the universal drone batteries
  3. Does not do well outdoors (due the light weight, even mild wind can be a challenge)
  4. Propeller / Blade guards are horrible, if you pump into things, they bend too easily and hit the propeller, doing more damage than good. They only protect other things from the propellers. So if you fly it into your face, then blades wouldn’t hit you directly, but it does not protect the blades
  5. Nearly impossible to control via app (I’ve flown lot of drones, including the almost identical parrot drone, but this drone is horrible, the app is very un-responsive) So I highly recommend using controller as app controls are useless.
  6. No way to turn off wi-fi (wi-fi drains the battery a lot, giving you a lot less flight time)


So to sum it up, I think this drone is not as great as many others. Price is quite high, yet it has quite few serious faults that ruin the experience. I mean drone is good, but is it worth the money? I mean you can’t even record a video when using controller, so you MUST have a smart phone / tablet with the app installed and connected to drone, but during that … it also transmits live feed, draining the battery very fast. Also the app controls are useless, drone is nearly impossible to control via app (as seen on video).

Propeller guards are horrible too, they just rub against propellers as soon as you touch anything with them.

Drone would be fine when you plan on flying it by using controller only, but you’d be paying for the camera and other features too, which are nearly useless. Hope you get the point. If they’d lower the price by a good 50%, then it would be totally worth it, but for this price? no … i can’t recommend it. There are lot of other drones that are cheaper and better. However I do admit that I love the near real-time camera feed, other drones have a good 1-2 second delay, while this has 200-300ms only, which makes it possible to fly it by only looking on the app screen. However they need to get these Cons right, then it would be worth it.


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