Aukey Ultra mini Quadcopter Drone Review and Testing

This is one of the smallest Quadcopters ever! As you can see on the picture, it’s really, really tiny. Compare it to the USB cable next to it. It’s not just small, it’s very easy to fly this drone.

Flight time: 6-8 minutes
Battery is not replaceable
Charging time: 15-20 minutes via included USB charger
Drone automatically holds altitude.
Controller takes 2x AAA batteries (not included)
G-Sensor: It can sense the crash and cuts the power if you do crash it, even the slightest tap can make it cut the power. useful so that you don’t damage propellers.

This drone is lot of fun and easy to control, it’s designed to be flown inside rather than outside, as obviously it is very sensitive to even smaller winds.



Check out the Review Video:

– Left analog = throttle up / down and rotate left / right
– Right analog = movement left / right / forward / backwards
– L3 button (press left analog as button) = toggles slow / fast movement
– R3 button = get ready for 360 flip (press it, controller beeps, then push right analog to direction you want to flip to)
– 2 way button in middle = take off / land
Other buttons are for trimming the movement. If drone keeps drifting to certain direction, you can counter it using the trim buttons.

How to fly:
Start by placing the drone in front of you on table or ground, flip the on/off switch to ON position and make sure drone is facing the same as you (blue lights front / red lights back). Now on controller push left analog all the way up and let it go instantly, controller will beep and drone lights will stay on (instead of blinking), now drone is ready to fly.

Push the take off button and be read with your right thumb to control the drone movement to keep it away from objects (or yourself). It’s important to place drone so that it’s facing you, so when you push the analog LEFT, then drone goes left, it’s very easy to learn it. Takes no more than 5 seconds, it’s common sense really.

Left analog can be used to go higher or lower and drone will then remain on that altitude by itself. Left analog left/right is used to rotate the drone, that’s in case you want to change your own position and want the drone to face right way again.

To land, press the land button or just use left analog and push it all the way down and “slam” it onto ground, any small bump will automatically cut the power to drone, so crashing it gently will make it turn off too.

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