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How to use trainer ? / I don't know how to use trainer !


- Have you checked the trainer information ? You can find that information under trainer's description on Store (where you bought it from). Everything is explained in trainer's description

- If you think there is not enough information, procedure for using a PC game trainer is always the same (may vary based on trainer)

 - Launch your game
 - Wait until game is fully loaded
 - Launch trainer (double click on trainer.exe)
 - use the hotkeys and/or buttons within trainer



- If by some reason trainer does not work and won't do what you want, then close down game and trainer and repeat the procedure. Also make sure that game and trainer are really closed.

 - to do so, press ctrl+alt+del and open task manager (depending on what OS you use, it may vary)

 - see what processes are running, trainer process name will be the name of the trainer.exe, kill them by highlighting them with left mouse button and then pressing "del" and confirm.

 - now relaunch game and wait until its fully loaded, then launch trainer.

 - lastly if it still does not work, reboot whole computer and repeat the process, launch game > then trainer. 

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