Days Gone +16 Trainer (health, ammo, stamina ..etc) [PC]

Days Gone +16 Trainer (health, ammo, stamina ..etc) [PC]
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+16 Trainer for Days Gone on PC. This is a quick trainer to give you some fun option to play around with. See the full list of hacks / cheats below and keep in mind that some hacks may cause game to crash or freeze or otherwise act weird, so disable hacks when not needed. For example unlimited medkits / items can cause game to glitch when picking up mission items, using injector or radio.

Tested with game version (file version), but should work with any version of the game (should, does not mean it will, so make sure you have correct version of game for all options to work).

Hacks / Cheats list:

* God Mode - Player cannot be hurt (unless grappled / tackled)
* Unlimited Health
* Unlimited Stamina and Focus
* Unlimited Medkits  and Items (do not keep it on during interaction with stuff)
* Unlimited Ammo (reserve ammo)
* Unlimited Clip Ammo (great with crossbows)
* Unlimited Bike Fuel
* Unlimited Bike Health
* Unlimited Bike Nitros
* No Spread (instant 100% accuracy while aiming)
* Unlimited Skill Points (you must have at least 1 for it to work)
* Instant Level Up (Kill something for it to work)
* Unlimited Silencer Durability
* Score / Kill Multiplier (in challenge mode)
* Unlimited Currency
* Gain 5000 Trust (sell something to bounty store)


Video Demonstration:



How to Check which version of Game I Have?
Read the article HERE


Installation and Usage:
1. download trainer.exe and sys.dat
2. place trainer and sys.dat in same folder (for example "C:/Users/Sethioz/Desktop/Sethioz trainer/"
3. run game
4. run trainer
5. use hotkeys (shown inside trainer)


Support System is open 24/7 in case you need any help with the trainer or want to report a problem with either trainer or download. Keep in mind that this support system is only for people who have bought the trainer or thinking about buying one (if you have doubts about it), it is not for discussing or requesting trainers.

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