Wreckfest - MovementZ / EXP / Credits / Fame / Ghost - Trainer

Wreckfest - MovementZ / EXP / Credits / Fame / Ghost - Trainer
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Brand new trainer for Wreckfest 64-bit. This beauty gives you some interesting things to mess around with. Last tested and works with Wreckfest_x64.exe (Date modified: 12-May-22 11:36 -- You can find this in properties > Details tab of the .exe file), but should work with future versions too. Check below on how to check which version of game you have or when was the .exe last modified.

Update V1.3 - Fixed fame not working (read the usage inside trainer) This product includes V1.1, V1.2 and V1.3, those trainers work with different versions.
Update V1.4 - Removed legacy versions (no support for older game versions, might still work on some). Fixed issue with Store prices not working.
Update V1.5 - Store prices / Fame fixed (tested and 100% working as of 09.Jul.2020), however there's a small bug with trainer interface that hotkeys, for store prices and setting price to 1, do not light up when pressed, just ignore that and follow the notes in How to Use.txt file.
Update V1.5.1 - Just another update to make it work with latest version as of 05.Aug.2020 (previous interface bug remains)
Update V1.5.2 - Fame hack has been updated again on 16.Sept.2020 (previous interface bug remains + new bugs that are explained in HOW TO USE.txt file), but everything works exactly as described, you might just have small issues activating the hacks if you haven't read / followed instructions properly.
Update V1.5.3 - Fixed the bug with experience and credits not working. Added voice activation note to Store Prices 0 hack (as there's some weird bug with interface not turning red when activated). Everything else works exactly as before.
Update V1.5.4 - Fixed crash issue when using Credits / EXP hack.
Update V1.5.5 - Works with latest version (04.may.2021) + added more options for Fame (free tournament store stuff)
Update V1.5.7 - Works with latest version (12.may.2022)

!!! IMPORTANT !!! Read the included HOW TO USE.txt file to learn how to use the latest fame / store hack (and other hacks) to buy tournament store items for free. We had some reports that people somehow got their fame into negative, but our team has tested this on a brand new account and trainer works fine, whatever they did, they did not follow the given steps. This is WHY it's important to follow the steps in the file! Also DO NOT use the fame hack if you have 0 fame, that could be the issue why in some rare cases people got negative fame. I have personally tested this several times and purchased all tournament store items for free and never had negative fame issues.

NOTE - Fame is online function and we do not take any responsibility if it gets patched, taken from you or if you get banned for it, we don't provide refunds either if something goes wrong (as stated in our legal agreement). This trainer is designed for single player only, fame was added only because we could do it, but this trainer is not designed for that.

Trainer Features:

- Speed Boost
- Super Brakes
- Super Speed Boost
- Ghost / Juggernaut (This mode makes your car ghost through other vehicles, while still pushing them a little bit)
- Add Credits
- Add Experience
- Add Fame (for purchasing exclusive stuff in Tournament Store)

Video Demonstration (forgot to show credits and experience, but it's all there)


How to Check which version of Game I Have?
Read the article HERE


Installation and Usage:
1. download trainer.exe and sys.dat
2. place trainer and sys.dat in same folder (for example "C:/Users/Sethioz/Desktop/Sethioz trainer/"
3. run game
4. run trainer
5. use hotkeys (shown inside trainer)


Support System is open 24/7 in case you need any help with the trainer or want to report a problem with either trainer or download. Keep in mind that this support system is only for people who have bought the trainer or thinking about buying one (if you have doubts about it), it is not for discussing or requesting trainers.

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