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Trainer not showing up bug + fix (trainer is minimized and won't show)


Recently i have received some complaints that trainer does not show up, however when i test, it works fine.

Finally i have figured it out once and for all, trainer is not broken, it works fine. bug is in the multi-monitor. I have 2 monitors and sometimes i generate trainer on secondary monitor, in this case trainer always wants to open on that monitor, but if someone does not have 2 monitors, then trainer still goes into that nonexisting monitor, resulting in the "not showing bug".

There is easy fix for that, this is problem with windows and not with trainer.
to bypass this, press SHIFT + right mouse click (hold down shift and press right mouse click) on the trainer bar in taskbar, this will give you menu "move, restore, minimize, maximize ..etc" try some of those options and trainer will show just fine.

However in future I will try not to generate them on secondary monitor, but stuff happens .. this is why support system is here for.

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