The Crew - Ultimate Trainer - Teleport, Money, Points, Nitros, Stop Timers ..etc [PC]

The Crew - Ultimate Trainer - Teleport, Money, Points, Nitros, Stop Timers ..etc [PC]
The Crew - Ultimate Trainer - Teleport, Money, Points, Nitros, Stop Timers ..etc [PC]
Brand: Sethioz
Product Code: CREW_The-Crew_ultimate-editor-v1.1+V5_SX
Availability: In Stock
Price: £2.00

Latest trainer version is V5 for v1.0.2.0 (Currently no update, however there are new trainers for latest versions, check HERE)

This trainer gives you the following features / options to play around with:

>> No Nitros Usage - this prevents nitros from going up or down, but careful when changing cars or events, your nitros will be 0, so you must disable this before changing car or mission.
>> Freeze Nitros - This freezes nitros, this options works well anywhere, but if game updates, this options stops working and needs update too.
>> No Damage - Disable car damage completely, but again careful when changing the car. Disable this before changing car or you get critical damage.
>> Repair Car - Simply repairs your car for free.
>> Stunt Multiplier set to 100x - just as it says, for easy stunting, but you only get 4000 bucks at a time, regardless of how big stunt combo is.
>> Freeze Stunt Bucks - Freezes your stunt bucks / score so you constantly earn stunt bonuses.
>> Add 4000 Stunt Bucks - Exactly as it says, you can combine this with freeze stunt bucks for constant 4000 bonus.
>> Freeze all Timers - Just as it says, works in skills and missions, but might have side effects.
>> No Police / Felony - Prevents police from chasing you when you crash into them or stuff around them, may have side effects.
>> Reset Felony Meter - Simply resets your felony meter, has no effect while already being chased by police.
>> Add 50 points in Skill Events - I did only 50 to prevent abusement. Use it only enough to earn platinum, don't go for world record or you might get banned or savegame reset.
>> Fullstock Nitros (enables nitros on fullstock vehicles)
>> Ghost / Juggernaut Mode - You can drive through traffic and A.I. and push away any player/s. (sometimes glitches and you hit traffic).
>> Speed Boost - Gives you a nice super boost, can go 400-600km/h with any car)
>> Turbo Boost - jump like KITT
>> Teleport - Gives you ability to teleport your car by small jumps (about 10 meters caps)
>> Spin Vehicle - you can spin your vehicle round and round, good for turning around in one spot.

Some of these options will work with every version of The Crew, while others work only with version and

Version History:

Version 1.0
  - Worked only with Crew's retail version (

Version 1.1
 - Some options work version wide, some function work only with version of game)
 - Removed some options because there was no use for them, such as stunt multiplier

Version 1.2
  - Stunt Bucks has been made version wide (should work with every version of game)
  - Added Fullstock Nitros (works with every version of game)
  - Added more options for Stunt bucks (works on every version of game)
  - General improvements in code (made more hacks works version wide)

Version 1.3 (Updated to work with game version
  - Stunt Bucks has been reverted back as it was not working for everyone (if you have 1.2, just re-download the trainer)

Version 1.4
Added Ghost / Juggernaut Feature

Version V5
- Added Teleport
- Added Jump
- Added Speed Boost
- Added Vehicle Spin


Video Demonstration 1:


Video Demonstration 2:


Installation and Usage:
1. download trainer.exe and sys.dat
2. place trainer and sys.dat in same folder (for example "C:/Users/Sethioz/Desktop/Sethioz trainer/"
3. run game
4. run trainer
5. use hotkeys (shown inside trainer)


Support System is open 24/7 in case you need any help with the trainer or want to report a problem with either trainer or download. Keep in mind that this support system is only for people who have bought the trainer or thinking about buying one (if you have doubts about it), it is not for discussing or requesting trainers.


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