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God Mode / Skills / Money [GTA5] [PS3]

God Mode hack for GTA V on PS3

God Mode / Skills / Money [GTA5] [PS3]
By: Sethioz
Product Code: GTA5_savegame_hack1_sx
Availability: In Stock
Price: £1.80

This hack / mod will give you the following on your choice:

- God Mode / Infinite Health - This works for current character only, if you change character, it stops working.
- Cash / Money - Any character, any amount
- Fill Ammo (not infinite)
- All Skills for any character on your choosing - all characters can have all skills full (this is permanent change, cannot be undone)
- All Attachments for weapons bought (If you're too lazy to browse thru all of them)

Notes: God Mode works only on current character (that you had your game saved with) and only thing that kills you, is falling from high altitude, once you die, you will lose the god mode (you can always load the game again). God Mode will be saved into new saves, if you save your game with god mode, it will remain active until you change the character or die from fall, if that happens, do not overwrite the god mode savegame.


Video Demonstration (god mode):




Download / Instructions:

If you have any doubts or questions before ordering, feel free to use our Support System to clear things out
This is a savegame hack, therefore you can't exactly download it.

How to get it:

1. Order
2. Note down your Order ID (shown in confirmation email and in your order history)
3. Make backup of your GTA 5 savegame (see below how to make backup)
4. Go to our Support Desk and send a support ticket (make sure you fill out the Order ID field) and attach your GTA 5 savegame to your ticket.
- in the ticket, specify which hacks you want (for example - god mode, all skills for Micheal, max money)
5. Within 24h you will receive the savegame back with desired hacks.

How to make backup of savegame:

1. You need a FAT32 formatted USB stick (or FAR32 USB HDD)
2. Plug your FAT32 formatted USB stick into your PS3
3. In PS3, go to "Game > Saved Data Utility (PS3)"
- Highlight desired "Grand Theft Auto V" savegame file
- press Triangle
- Copy
- Select the destination > USB Device (USB Flash Disk)
- Press X
- Wait until it says "Copy completed" 
- Unplug USB Stick
- Plug USB stick into your PC
- on your USB stick, there is a folder "PS3" now
- Go into "PS3\SAVEDATA" folder on your USB stick
- Inside, you will find something like "BLES01807SGTA50006" (This is your savegame, this is what you need to send)
- Right click on BLES01807SGTA50006 folder and "add to archive" (if you do not have that option, you need WinRar (google, it is free or use any other compression tool you have on your operating system).
- Now you can attach that compressed savegame to your support ticket.

How to put savegame back onto PS3:

- First, make sure you have backup of your original savegame
- Now copy the hacked / modded savegame onto your USB stick (overwrite the old one)
- Then repeat the process and go to "Saved Data Utility (PS3)"
- Find the savegame you copied earlier onto USB stick and delete it from your PS3 (not from usb)
- Now under Saved Data Utility (PS3) go to your USB flash and Copy hacked savegame onto your PS3
- You're done! Load up GTA V and have fun.


* Any questions? doubts? Feel free to use our Support System




No Refunds - We have no refund policy, once you have ordered, we can't refund anymore. Why? This is because some people just mess around and want to mess things up and waste our time, they order and then they come up with some idiotic excuse and want money back. We always deliver so this is not to scam people and we have support system for those who are having questions or problems.

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