Speed Boost - Weight - Timer - Number of Laps +4 Trainer [GRID2]

Speed Boost - Weight - Timer - Number of Laps +4 Trainer [GRID2]
Brand: Sethioz
Product Code: GRID2_4trainer_speed_time_weight_laps_1.0.84.7636_v2.0_sx
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Price: £1.50

Last Updated: 29-Aug-2013 - If there has been game update and trainer stops working and you believe that i am not aware of the game update, feel free to report it in our Support System

This trainer gives you 4 awesome options:

Speed Boost - use the force! this gives you ability to use "nitros", including a super boost that makes you go over 1000km/h !
Freeze Timer - lap timer in time attack or checkpoint timer that counts down or any similar timers
Weight Adjuster - allows you to change vehicle weight on the fly
Number of Laps - this allows you to choose number of laps, default is 1 - 5 laps, with this you can select even 500 or more laps!! do the Indy 500 mile race :)

Works with versions and (works with grid2.exe and grid2_avx.exe) 
Works Online - Has been tested. Number of Laps does not work tho, boost, timer and weight works fine.


Video Demonstration:


Installation and Usage:
1. Download sys.dat and trainer
2. place sys.dat and trainer in same folder (like Desktop/grid2trainer/)
3. Run the trainer, click ok when asked
4. if sys.dat is missing, trainer will not run

Note - some anti-viruses may detect trainer as malware (norton is one of them)
Ignore the message, set your anti-virus to ignore it or disable it, it is simply a false positive, a conspiracy by anti-virus companies to prevent people from using cheats in games (no joke here). Kaspersky does not detect it as malware, so i recommend Kaspersky.
If in doubt, feel free to send trainer to anti-virus companies for checking (They won't be able to run it tho, it works only in pc where you bought it on, but they can still scan and make sure its no malware)

Need any additional help? question? doubts? Our Support System is open 24/7, send us a ticket and we usually reply with few hours (but might take longer).

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