Ultimate Weapons / Upgrades Editor [ReRev]

Ultimate Weapons / Upgrades Editor [ReRev]
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This is Ultimate Weapons Editor for Resident Evil Revelations Update1 (I can't use update2 as it is broken and lags down to 10fps even in menus, and NO it is not graphics card, i can run ReRev Update 1 @ 100fps on max graphics without issues, this is why i did not make trainer for Update2)

version 1.1 - Drake weapon not spawning was fixed. This update is free and anyone owning the trainer can re-download the .exe file

Free Promo edition is available HERE (it has only few options available, this shows you the interface and useability of the trainer before you decide to order)

- Weapon selector - you can select any weapon you want (campaign + raid mode, including infinite launcher!)
- Weapon Type selector - works only in raid, you can choose weapon type, like "Speed Shot" or "Long Range" ..etc, including the last highest rank/type!
- Weapon Level changer - you can change weapon level, from 0 to 50 (to 255, but it goes to 0 and has no effect)
- Upgrade selector - you can spawn any upgrade you want, into any slot from 1 to 6, allowing you to equip one upgrade more than once, like have 6x damage upgrades :)
- Unlocks 6 Upgrade slots for any weapon (that is placed in slot 1).

There are some unique upgrades i did not know about, never saw them anywhere in RE wiki, those are included too + all legendary weapons, like Drake and Muramasa.

Works with any update1 version + retail and update2 versions in special case (See README_IMPORTANT_NOTES.txt file that is included with the download for details on how it works on update2 and retail versions)


Video Demonstration


Installation and Usage:
- Download trainer and sys.dat
- Place trainer and sys.dat files inside same folder (like desktop/rerev_ultimate/)
- Run game
- Run trainer
- See in-trainer usage notes
- If sys.dat is missing, trainer will not run. 

Note - you will get only 1 copy of trainer with 1 order. You are allowed to back-up your copy, but it will only work on the same computer / OS where it was ordered.
Updates - depending on update, i might update this version and you can download it again for free (only 3 downloads allowed in total 1 + 2 updates) or if i release something a lot better, like v2.0, then i will make new release and you will get discount on new version (contact us in Support Desk for details)


Questions? Want to report a bug? > our Support System is open 24/7 (no need to register, send ticket and you get tracking ID back to your email so you can check back)

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