Dead Island Riptide super weapon - left hand of sethioz

Ultimate weapon for dead island riptide PC game - left hand of sethioz

Dead Island Riptide super weapon - left hand of sethioz
By: Sethioz
Product Code: DIR_LHoSethioz_sx
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This is the ultimate prototype weapon, originally created for Dead Island and now converted into Dead Island Riptide.
It has the following features:

* spawn with it (replaces fists, sometimes bugs and you have 2 of them, just sell 1 for moneys)
* blows enemys into pieces
* sets enemys into fire
* throws enemys away
* no stamina usage
* unbreakable
* unlimited range
* infinite ammo
* can hit hordes of enemys at once (area of effect)
* + some small tweaks.
* This the ultimate weapon of GOD

Version compatibility: It should work with any version of game, but tested only on (retail steam version) In Dead Island this worked with any version
Untested online / LAN, but in Dead Island it worked online and since Riptide is running off of same engine and settings, i see no reason why it shouldn't work. People tested it with steam and said it works and they did not get banned either
100% Anti-Cheat safe: Steam uses VAC (valve anti cheat) system, but it only scans for .exe and .dll file changes, this mod does not touch any of the .exe or .dll files, so you are safe to use this with steam and online.

I made this weapon out of scratch, i replaced fists so you can have it in the beginning and never lose it, i did not just modify fists, i actually made this weapon. I had many early versions, but this is the weapon of GOD that works just perfectly!
However in Riptide there is no special effect for the movement, in dead island it looked like you were using "force" by pushing with hand, in Riptide it appears as a simple punch, nevertheless, it is awesome weapon of destruction!


Video Demonstration (new - in Riptide):

Video Demonstration (original old mod from dead island):


Installation and Usage:
Download "Left_Hand_of_Sethioz_Release_v1.0.rar"
Download "sys.dat" file
Extract "Left_Hand_of_Sethioz_Release_v1.0.rar" using winRAR or any other acrhiver (default should be built into win7)
Place sys.dat file into same folder with extracted files
Go into your "Dead Island Riptide/DI" folder
Rename Data0.pak to Data0.orig.pak
Copy or Move Data0.orig.pak into mod folder (where you extracted other files from the mod)
Run make_data0.exe
Click OK when asked
Now small window appears for 1 - 5 seconds
After that, Data0.pak file will be created into mod folder
Now move Data0.pak file from mod folder into your Dead Island Riptide/DI folder
Run game

If sys.dat is missing, mod won't work
Do not delete your Data0.orig.pak file (keep backup just in case you want to revert back to normal)


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