Ultimate Stats / Handling Editor for v034b16 v2.0 [TDU2]

Ultimate Stats / Handling Editor for v034b16 v2.0 [TDU2]
Ultimate Stats / Handling Editor for v034b16 v2.0 [TDU2]
Brand: Sethioz
Product Code: TDU2_ultimate_stats_v034b16_v2.0_sx
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Price: £6.50

This is Ultimate Stats Editor v2.0 for TDU2 DLC2 v034 build 16 (v034b16) and also works with v031b15
Written and made by Sethioz and edited by 7Ds (added show values on vehicle hover).
* If you currently own v1.0 or v1.1 and want an update, then send Support Ticket and include your Order ID, in return we will give you discount coupon

Change log:

 Added "show values" on vehicle hover (if you hover crosshair over vehicle you will see all the values)

 Added Global hotkey to set all values at once
 Press "END" key to set all values in boxes
 WARNING - if you press end without filling out each box with proper values, your car will disappear (wont effect savegame) or game might even crash.

Works Online
Works with Unofficial Patch

Works on all vehicles (including bikes)
* This trainer has been updated and now works with v034 build
* This trainer uses Stealth method and no code injection and won't give you the "cheater detected" message. I have tested it online and it works perfectly.

* Promo version of v1.0 is available for FREE - click on title or HERE for free download of v1.0

Features and Stats
Allows you to see and edit most important stats of each vehicle
Fully online capable

Group / Class warning:
Game will crash if you try driving car in mA group and most likely other way around.


Video Demonstration v2.0: 


Video Demonstration: (v1.1 updates)


Video Demonstration: (v1.0 demonstration)


Download sys.dat and trainer
Place sys.dat and trainer in same folder
run trainer
click "OK" if asked
trainer will now start
If sys.dat is missing or not placed in same folder with trainer, then trainer will not start !

read the usage included inside the trainer

NO REFUNDS - i do not refund under any circumstances. if you have wrong version of tdu2 or tdu2 gets updated / patched and it stops working, i do not refund. this works with the current patch only and not with any other version of TDU2. if you are not sure about something, then contact me and ask for details before buying. If you are having issues with download or payment or anything else that does not involve trainer and/or game, then i will fix it, but i will still not refund.

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