Open All Roads / Maphack for v034b16 [TDU2]

Open All Roads / Maphack for v034b16 [TDU2]
Open All Roads / Maphack for v034b16 [TDU2]
Brand: Sethioz
Product Code: TDU2_maphackv1.0_sx
Availability: In Stock
Price: £3.40

Finally unleashed, exclusively by Sethioz
This trainer gives you option to unlock / open all roads on both islands, Ibiza and Hawaii and you do not have to be on both islands to get all roads unlocked.
Works with version 034 build 16 (v034b16)
Works online (not needed to use it online tho)
Changes will be saved into your savegame
Works with Unofficial Patch


Video Demonstration (Concept of hack):


Video Demonstration (Using the trainer):


Usage and Installation:
1. download trainer and sys.dat
2. place sys.dat and trainer in same folder
3. run trainer
- if sys.dat is missing, trainer will not run
- This trainer can be used only in the PC where it was first launched / executed


-- You must be on road (dirt or tarmac) for it to unlock all roads, if you are off the road, then it won't work, you must drive onto any road first.
-- It might leave some small bits locked, if that happens, contact me in Support System and include screenshot of the locked road (i must see it to fix it)
-- Maybe i will release another update for this to close roads (some people might want this) or maybe i will release ultimate map editor that allows to open/close roads on demand. Concept works perfectly, i can do that, but its not ready for public release and not sure if anyone would find it useful, so for now just open all roads option.
-- Don't forget to disable the code using F10 hotkey or your game might crash at some point
-- This trainer won't give you the discovery points, you would have to drive on the roads to get the points, it's just so that you can open roads and go anywhere.
-- Keep in mind that changes are permanent and will be saved into your savegame. if you don't want this, make backup of your savegame !


Questions? Doubts? Need help using this trainer?
Support System is the answer

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