Ultimate Weapon / Item Editor v1.0 [RE5]

Ultimate Weapon / Item Editor v1.0 [RE5]
Brand: Sethioz
Product Code: RE5_ultimate_editor_v1.0_sx
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Price: £6.10

This is the long waited Ultimate Weapons / Items Editor for Resident Evil 5 allowing you to edit any weapon and also get weapons that was not meant to be in inventory or even items that you can never get (chairs, axes ..etc)
Make rapid fire shotgun or why not rapid fire rocket launcher with 9000 rockets !?
It's all possible!

Become more powerful than Albert Wesker himself, demolish anything and everything in your way or beyond it.

Promo / Trial version is available HERE

Works with DX10 version
Works Online / In Multiplayer
Undetectable - Uses stealth method and NO code injection at all


Video Demonstration:


Place sys.dat and RE5DX10_ultimate_inventory_editor_v1.0.exe in same folder
Run the trainer


Read the usage inside trainer
Keep in mind that once you enter game (from the menu), then slots will be locked, if you move items, then slot 1 item will always be slot 1 item, so do not move them around or you confuse yourself.
For example: Pistol is in Slot 1 and Shotgun is in Slot 2, you swap them around and then in editor, you edit Slot 1, then changes will be made to Pistol and not to shotgun that is currently in slot 1.
I have included a .txt file with weapon / item codes

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