Experimental ID Stealer (online only) [TDU2]

Experimental ID Stealer (online only) [TDU2]
Experimental ID Stealer (online only) [TDU2]
Brand: Sethioz
Product Code: TDU2_experimental_id_stealer_sx
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Price: £5.00

This is one of my Experimental Projects. I've had this for quite a while, but decided to release it.
It is ID Stealer, that allows you to steal any player's ID who's in same session with you. 
That allows you to chat as that player, accept his/her friend requests, challenges..etc, It also blocks their chat if you steal their ID, so they can't chat at same time.

It is experimental and it might act weird time to time. For example sometimes it clones somebody's vehicle that gets "stuck" on your screen.
sometimes it might also Teleport you into another player, so you can spectate them, but can't control their vehicle, sometimes it might work other way, teleports somebody into you and you control them, while they have no control at all.

This also allows you to use glowing chat text (different colors, based on ID)

Overall, it is fun to play around with. Once i managed to even get my character out of vehicle using this method. It has been shown and proven in these videos:


Latest Video Demonstration:



Works ONLY ONLINE / In Multiplayer
Works ONLY with version v034 b16 (might work with v031 b15 too)
Undetected by anti-cheat system

Q: Why so expensive ?
A: Because this is quite sinister tool and can cause some major chaos, you can even get somebody banned if you abuse their ID and it's not a good idea to give this to every little kid who just wants to use this to get others banned. Not sure if they ban for chat tho, but who knows, if you go crazy with the chat, they might.


Download and place sys.dat and trainer into same folder, run the trainer. (press ok if asked). If sys.dat is missing, trainer will not run.
Trainer will only work on the computer where it was first launched.

read the usage included inside of trainer.

Support / Questions:
If you have any issues with this trainer or any doubts before buying, you can contact our Help Desk / Support System

NO REFUNDS - i do not refund under any circumstances. if you have wrong version of tdu2 or tdu2 gets updated / patched and it stops working, i do not refund. this works with the current patch only and not with any other version of TDU2. if you are not sure about something, then contact me and ask for details before buying. If you are having issues with download or payment or anything else that does not involve trainer and/or game, then i will fix it, but i will still not refund.

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