Custom Advanced Tuning Level Trainer v034b16 [TDU2]

Custom Advanced Tuning Level Trainer v034b16 [TDU2]
Custom Advanced Tuning Level Trainer v034b16 [TDU2]
Brand: Sethioz
Product Code: TDU2_custom_advanced_tunez_v034b16_sx
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Price: £3.00

Allows you to tune your vehicles to any level on your choice (level 255 is max). Acceleration, Top Speed and Braking are seperate, so you can change them individually. For example if you tune one of the Veyron's, changing top speed more than level 30, then you will not be able to even reach 7th gear duo the extra long gear ratios, so it is better to leave top speed 30 or below and increase only acceleration and braking above 30, which is now possible with this trainer. While on slower cars, top speed should be changed in order to achieve higher speeds. Untested on bikes, but should work fine.

Works with Unofficial Patch

Version 1.1
Added "Global" hotkey to set all values / slots.
How to use:
 Fill out all tuning fields (if you leave blank, it will be considered as 0)
 Now inside game (in ibiza yacht) press "INSERT" key to set all tuning slot values at once.
 This is useful when you don't want to minimize to set them seperate.
 Still have old version? Update is free for you then. Simply re-download the trainer from your downloads (only trainer, not sys.dat)

Works online / in multiplyer
Undetectable by anti-cheat system
For  version 036 build 16 (v034b16) and version 031 build 15 (v031b15)


NOTE - tuning level will not be saved into your savegame, each time you quit game, tuning level will be reset to between 0 - 4. Trainer must be used each time you start the game. Only 6 vehicles can be done at a once, then you must change places in garage to tune other vehicles.

NOTE2 - this trainer works only in Ibiza's Yacht Garage. you must own yacht on ibiza, otherwise you are not able to use this. If you need more money to buy yacht, you can use vehicle price trainer


Download and place sys.dat and trainer into same folder, run the trainer. (press ok if asked). If sys.dat is missing, trainer will not run.



If you have any problems, contact me [email protected]


NO REFUNDS under any circumstances - If you have doubts and/or questions, contact me before getting it. this means i do not refund after you get this. if you have any issues or download doesn't work, i will send it manually, but i will not refund. This also means that if TDU2 gets updated and it stops working with new version, i DO NOT refund. however in future i might send you new version for free or with discount.

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