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DriveTrain Switcher DLC2 [TDU2]

DriveTrain Switcher DLC2 [TDU2]
DriveTrain Switcher DLC2 [TDU2]
By: Sethioz
Product Code: TDU2_DLC2_drivetrain_switcher_sx
Availability: In Stock
Price: £1.80

This is universal trainer that allows you to switch drivetrain of any vehicle.
It works ONLINE with latest DLC2 v025 build 12

About and Features:
Allows you to choose between 3 different drivetrain types:

* FWD - front wheel drive
* AWD - all wheel drive
* RWD - rear wheel drive


* Video Demonstration

Download and place sys.dat and trainer into same folder, run the trainer. (press ok if asked). If sys.dat is missing, trainer will not run.

read the usage included inside of trainer.


NO REFUNDS - i do not refund under any circumstances. if you have wrong version of tdu2 or tdu2 gets updated / patched and it stops working, i do not refund. this works with the current patch only and not with any other version of TDU2. if you are not sure about something, then contact me and ask for details before buying. If you are having issues with download or payment or anything else that does not involve trainer and/or game, then i will fix it, but i will still not refund.


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