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Gearbox Stats Editor / Changer DLC2 [TDU2]

Gearbox Stats Editor / Changer DLC2 [TDU2]
Gearbox Stats Editor / Changer DLC2 [TDU2]
By: Sethioz
Product Code: TDU2_DLC2_gearbox_v1.0_sx
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Price: £3.00

This trainer is vehicle statistics editor and allows you to change / edit gearbox related stats. It works on all vehicles.
It works ONLINE with latest DLC2 v025 build 12

About and Features:
This trainer is meant for professionals who know how real cars work. It allows you to tamper with gearbox settings and has following features:

* Number of gears - allows you to choose number of gears for vehicle. from 1 to 8 (yes you can have 8 gears, how ever speedometer shows 8 as N)
* Final drive ratio - effects all gears, makes them either short or long (acceleration or top speed)
* 1 - 8 gear ratios - allows you to adjust all 8 gear ratios and add gear ratios to vehicles that have less gears than 8
* Instant gear change on any vehicle (useful for vehicles that have manual transmission and take ages to change gears)

Example Gear Ratios:

Final Drive - 3.2
1st - 2.4
2nd - 1.9
3rd - 1.6
4th - 1.3
5th - 1.1
6th - 0.9
7th - 0.7

This is how gear ratios usually look like. So if you want to add 8th gear, you should increase other gear ratios first (increase means make gears shorter). Unless you combine it with Engine trainer that gives you huge acceleration. Then 8th gear should be 0.6 or 0.5 (press hotkey 5 or 6 times to increase).
Also you can add 8th gear and set it 0.5 or 0.6 and then increase final drive (increase means make all gears shorter.) So if 8th gear is 0.5 then final drive should be 2.5 - 2.8 to make all gears work perfectly otherwise you will lose too much speed and never reach end of 8th gear. It is best to combine this trainer with Engine stats editor and add more acceleration so you can easily use extra gears without modifying final drive or other gear ratios. Also not that some cars have too low top speed limit, like Mercedes CLK 63, in that case you need Engine stats editor and increase the physical speed limit.


* Video Demonstration

Download and place sys.dat and trainer into same folder, run the trainer. (press ok if asked). If sys.dat is missing, trainer will not run.

read the usage included inside of trainer.


NO REFUNDS - i do not refund under any circumstances. if you have wrong version of tdu2 or tdu2 gets updated / patched and it stops working, i do not refund. this works with the current patch only and not with any other version of TDU2. if you are not sure about something, then contact me and ask for details before buying. If you are having issues with download or payment or anything else that does not involve trainer and/or game, then i will fix it, but i will still not refund.


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