KERS +4 Trainer for (steam) [F1_2013]

Super KERS Trainer for F1 2013

KERS +4 Trainer for (steam) [F1_2013]
By: Sethioz
Product Code: F1_2013_KERS_1007_v1.0_sx
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Before you buy, I encourage you to try out the FREE PROMO edition of KERS HERE

This trainer is for F1 / Formula 1 PC game and is focused on KERS system, it gives you the following features:

1. Fill KERS - simply fills the KERS bar
2. Freeze KERS - does not allow decrease/increase of KERS
3. High KERS Capacity - It is enough to do like 50 laps with 1 KERS bar!
4. Increase KERS Power - Gives more powerful KERS, like NITROUS! you can do burnouts with 7th gear and get to max speed in no time

Works Online: Yes
Undetectable: Yes (F1 has no anti-cheat system, but when its implanted i can release 100% undetectable trainer)

This trainer works with version only. If you do not know what version you have, go into your F1 2013 folder (where your game is installed), find F1_2013.exe and right click on it, select properties and then click on "Details" tab and look for "file version"
As of 29/dec/2013 it is latest version.


Video Demonstration (old):


Usage and Installation:
1. Download trainer and sys.dat files
2. Place trainer and sys.dat files inside same folder (like Desktop/F1hack/)
3. Run game
4. Run trainer
5. Use hotkeys shown in trainer and kick ass!

- If sys.dat file is missing or in different folder, trainer will not run!


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