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Sethioz Mod [DI]
This is my own mod that i used to play with. I decided to release it. What does it include ? well..
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Character - Cyborg (DI)
Cyborg character that works for all game characters with following features: * health regene..
Club Cars Paintable / Stickable [TDU2]
Trainer that allows you to paint and stick club vehicles. however if you use club cars from club ..
DLC1 cars paintable / stickable / offroad [TDU2]
This trainer changes all DLC 1 vehicles so they are now: -Stickable -Paintable -Offroad c..
Ghost Vehicle trainer [TDU2]
This turns your car into a ghost car, which allows you to pass thru traffic and other players. Wo..
Based on 1 reviews.
God mode / sprint / bullettime / ammo trainer [FEAR3]
Gives you the following things and it is not tested in multiplayer. Works only with version 16.0...
Juggernaut / Mass driver / Tank car / Ghost car [TDU2]
Turns your vehicles into Juggernaut (also known as Mass Driver and Tank car). It makes it possibl..
Left Hand of Sethioz [DIR]
This is the ultimate prototype weapon, originally created for Dead Island and now converted into ..
Level 10 Tuning Trainer [TDU2]
Experimental Trainer that tunes your car to level 10 ! WORKS ONLINE * Video Demonstration..
Level 20 Tuning Trainer [TDU2]
Experimental Multiplayer / Online Trainer that tunes your car to level 20 WORKS ONLINE ..
Level 50 Tuning Trainer [TDU2]
Tunes any vehicle to level 50. Works online with TDU2 version explo v027 Works even on traffi..
Money Trainer - Lancia Delta Buy/Sell Price [TDU2]
This trainer changes Lancia Delta Integrale Evoluzione buy and sell price in order to get lot of ..
Name Changer [TDU2]
This trainer allows you to change your player name to some of the predefined names. Works ONLINE ..
Based on 2 reviews.
Salvage & Experience XP adder [TR]
Gives you ability to add Salvage and Experience points. By adding experience points you can also ..
Super Infiltrator + Infinite Ammo [ME3]
This mod makes Infiltrator more powerful. Should work with any version, but tested on 1.0.542..
Based on 1 reviews.